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Air Purification

Hygienically perfect room air in public areas and at the workplace is not only indispensable in times of pandemic. We spend almost 90 % of the day indoors. However, interior air is rarely ever uncontaminated and clean. Viruses, aerosols and bacteria as well as high concentrations of fine dust, chemical substances, allergens or asbestos fibres can occur at the workplace and pose a significant risk to the health of employees and customers. No matter whether reliable protection against pathogens such as the COVID-19 pathogen SARS-CoV-2 must be achieved in times of spreading infectious diseases. Or whether the work-related pollution at the workplace or construction site is to be reduced using suitable room air cleaners – Trotec has the ideal solution for every air purification task.

As various studies prove, the pollution in the room air often is above average in open-plan offices, buildings of public authorities or public institutions even in “normal” times.

This diverse exposure made of fine particulates, micro fibres and mould spores may present a risk for the health of all present persons. Besides, in times of spreading epidemics, the risk of an airborne infection with viruses extremely intensifies.

Scientific studies prove that e.g. the Sars-CoV-2 virus can survive in the air for several hours in form of a particulate while remaining infective. Other pathogens such as the noro- or influenza virus can also overcome large distances through the air. The more people stay in the room at the same time, the higher is the danger of pathogenic germs, viruses and bacteria spreading through the air exchange in the entire area.

Air Purification