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Heating Mobile heating devices are available in various designs, price and performance classes. ECOIS offers appropriate mobile solutions for all types of heating. Which device represents the ideal solution for you depends on the respective application site and purpose.

Heating ComfortTemp

There are numerous situations where the primary heating solution is not sufficient or a quick heating solution is required in support or as a supplement.

With our ECOIS series you will find heating devices equipped with innovative heating technology – suitable for the most diverse purposes of application, indoors and outdoors.


Powerful heating capacity, clean warmth and odourless operation

There are many good reasons for using a mobile direct heating device despite an existing central heating system. The mobile convectors are suited for heating individual rooms on a temporary basis. Thanks to their powerful heating capacity they provide the necessary warmth without a long warm-up time and in a pleasantly odourless manner. The convectors can be used flexibly as floor-mounted or wall-mounted devices and are available with or without turbo blowers.

Radiant heaters

Heat straight to the point, available at the push of a button

Whether as a selective heat source for the balcony, in the bathroom, in the conservatory or in the spa area: The radiant heaters from ECOIS ensure a pleasant and targeted heat distribution in interior spaces and (sheltered) outdoor areas at the push of a button. The radiant heaters supply comfortable infrared heat without a long preheating time and, as opposed to alternative heating solutions with hot air blowers, they are odourless and noiseless.

Infrared heating panels

The innovative heating solution that would also do well in a museum

The infrared heater of the TIH series, usable as a flat heater, is more than a simple heating alternative. Whether in living spaces, in the spa area or in the hobby room, whether mounted to the ceiling or to a wall: the Trotec infrared heating panel creates a multitude of application possibilities and leaves a good impression in every environment. Due to its flat design, the infrared heating panel adapts to the living environment almost inconspicuously, or it can be individualized and thus become the eye-catcher of the room.

No noises or odours are produced during heating. As the heating process is based on environmentally sound IR-C radiation, it is not the heated air that is used for heating, but the heat is transported in a highly efficient and even way via light waves with a maximum efficiency of 100 %. The most efficient way of converting energy into heat.

Heating ComfortTemp
Heating ComfortTemp