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NEW TTK 60 E comfort dehumidifier: reliably keeps living rooms and offices dry in otherwise muggy, humid air – now available!

In summer, when the muggy, humid air tries to penetrate living and office spaces, the TTK 60 E dehumidifier comes into its own. Equipped with automatic hygrostat control and powerful performance, with a high level of user comfort and elegant design, it stands up to the stuffy humid air and its cronies; the nasty little mould patches. It keeps your living and office rooms reliably dry. Isn’t it a good thing that this strong, good-looking and extremely affordable partner is available for you right away?

They show up in the kitchen and bathroom first – the condensate drops on tiles and walls are the first messengers to signal that humidity in the living rooms is too high. Better not wait until the first black mould spores report the successful completion of their settlement: you’ll be much better off putting your trust in the TTK 60 E comfort dehumidifier. Thanks to its dehumidification capacity of maximum 18 litres a day, it provides reliable protection against moisture and mould formation. Through the combination of a high operational range, a flexible fan with two settings, hygrostat control and a powerful compressor with 0.47 kW of power, the dehumidifier is ideally suited to quietly drying living and working spaces or heated basements. 

How it works

The elegant TTK 60 E room dehumidifier scores well with its particularly clearly designed and LED-illuminated control panel, which is very easy to operate despite the wide range of comfort functions. For example, you can set the automatic hygrostat-controlled dehumidification level, including the desired humidity value with a target selection between 35 and 80 % r.h.: upon reaching the humidity value, the compressor switches off automatically and if exceeded the device is automatically activated.

Dehumidification can be performed optionally for fully automatic or continuous operation there via a digital real value preselection. Thanks to the option of connecting a condensate drain hose, continuous dehumidification can also be left unattended. Besides room dehumidification, a dehumidifier can conveniently be used for drying washing – in a supporting function or as a complete substitute for a conventional laundry dryer.

The standard comfort features of the electronically defrostable TTK 60 E are complemented by a timer function, a filter cleanliness display and water level indicator, a filling level warning light for when the water container is full, as well as an overflow protection function with automatic deactivation. The condensation dehumidifier also has an automatic error diagnosis system.

Four of the many advantages:

  • the hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification with preselection of a target level between 35 and 85 % relative humidity in 5 % increments
  • the 2 fan levels
  • the LED control panel
  • the continuous operation mode

TTK 60 E dehumidifier – affordable!

Benefit from brand quality as a guarantee of high value, safety and functionality. Order the TTK 60 E dehumidifier today and receive 1- 2 days delivery.