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Room air purifier TAC ECO

The model variant TAC ECO is the perfect mixture of the scientifically proven effective H14-HEPA virus filtering of the TAC V + and individual economic demands, without having to forego the basic equipment features of the high-performance air cleaner TAC V +.

The zone air purifier TAC ECO reduces the dwell time and intensity of aerosol and suspended matter clouds directly at the installation site



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Product Description

Since there is no device for thermal decontamination and regeneration of the filter, the high-performance air cleaner TAC ECO can also be used in areas that only allow automated thermodecon operation to a limited extent due to the electrical protection – as a result, without the additional thermodecon added value in terms of hygiene and safety of the TAC V + through cyclical heat destruction and thermal filter self-cleaning for longer filter service lives.

TAC ECO is the perfect reduction of the TAC V + to its essential viral filter qualities with H14-HEPA filter standard according to EN 1822. Once manually configured, you automatically benefit from virus-filtered clean air in your rooms with the TAC ECO. The TAC ECO is only available in light gray.

In this treatment zone, the ambient air remains largely free of germs, fine dust or other airborne microparticles, because the TAC ECO enables large-volume suction of polluted room air with effective H14 high-performance filtration according to EN 1822 (ISO 45H filter ISO 29463) and flexibly adjustable purging of the zone, free of aerosol particles.

In this way, the TAC ECO significantly and safely reduces the risk of airborne infection in heavily frequented public areas and guarantees dust-free working conditions in dusty areas:

  • Protects customers, patients, guests and employees by significantly reducing the risk of infection
  • Protects employees from fine dust pollution in the workplace
  • Protects material, electronics and machines from dirt and dust-related malfunctions


Some of the many impressive features of the TAC ECO

Easy to use: Commissioning the TAC ECO only requires a few simple steps. Timers, operating hours counter, filter control lights and operating switches are installed in a shock-proof manner.

Robust and mobile: Thanks to sturdy wheels and adjustable push handle, the robustly designed room air cleaner is ideal for quickly changing locations. Simply set it up, connect to the power supply and start the air pollution control process.

Advantages for practice:

  • Air pollution control and virus filtering in zones with high public traffic or densely populated areas (fine aerosols that contain infectious viruses such as SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 or influenza with the class filter H14 filtered out according to EN 1822 ISO)
  • Air pollution control, virus and fine dust filtering in work zones with increased fine dust pollution
  • “Clean-Zones-Areas”: Establish safe living and working areas with virus-free filtered breathing air – individually dimensioned depending on the number of devices and people as well as the set air exchange rate
  • “Plug & Play” – set up, plug in, switch on, done. Room filtration independent of existing air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Effective air filtration with G4 Z-Line prefilter and H14 HEPA main filter
  • Discharge directions that can be regulated by means of a flowstop cover allow the clean air to be flooded into the desired clean air zones as required
  • Optimally coordinated system components for flexible applications in the areas of virus and dust protection
  • Simple operation: Fully automatic, low-maintenance round-the-clock operation
  • Resource-saving: 100% environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no installation effort
  • High-quality materials and workmanship: “Made in Germany” – original Trotec production, special virus filter with individual test and test certificate
  • Investment-saving: Maximum profitability thanks to loss-free air cleaning directly at the installation site
  • Flexible placement: place the mobile TAC ECO wherever it is needed

Illustrations may show special equipment or accessories that are not included in the basic price of the TAC ECO.

Scope of delivery: TAC ECO air purifier1 x G4 Z-Line pre-filter1 X H14 filter according to EN 1822 (ISO 45H filter ISO 29463)

Please note that the flowstop cover is not included in the scope of delivery!

The German federal government and states are promoting investments in mobile air purifiers

Whether for schools, daycare centers, restaurants, cultural workers or freelancers – in order to counteract the corona pandemic with technical solutions, the federal government and the states are supporting the investments in TAC ECO high-performance air purifiers with several funding programs.


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