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Air cooler PAE 11

The all-year-round 3-in-1 solution: air cooler, fan and humidifier in one device


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Enjoy natural cooling and a breath of fresh air Whether at home or in the office – when things get hot in spring and summer, you can use the PAE 11 evaporative air cooler to provide a refreshingly cool breeze in a natural way and without chemical refrigerants. Even more: The compact 3-in-1 combination unit works as a fan, air cooler and humidifier as required.

Optimal climate through evaporative air cooling, ventilation and air humidification Oppressive summer heat out, room climate to breathe deeply with cooling refreshment – and that very simply and reliably through natural evaporative cooling according to the honeycomb filter principle (honeycomb technology). The ‘Air cooler’ has a 3 litre water tank and creates an air flow of 90 m³ per hour. With a humidification capacity of max. The device can produce 0.46 litres per hour of fresh and cool air in continuous operation with just one tank filling for more than 6 hours. A level indicator on the device always informs you of the current water tank content. On request, the cooling effect can also be enhanced with the included cooling packs or with ice cubes.

Even without the air cooling function switched on, the PAE 11 can be used as a fully fledged ‘fan’ . The blower strength can be regulated in 3 stages and its vertical blow-out direction can be flexibly adjusted via the ventilation flaps. To ensure an even distribution of the cooling air flow throughout the room, you can switch on an automatic swivel movement (swing mode) of the vertical air control fins. The integrated natural wind mode allows the air flow to gently swell up and down, giving the impression of a pleasant sea breeze. With the easily removable air filter, fluff, animal hair and flakes of dust are caught from the room air.

PAE 11 is also recommended for ‘humidification’ ‘. In the cold season it helps against dry heating air and thus protects your respiratory tract and mucous membranes from drying out and increased susceptibility to viruses and pathogens.The device can be switched to a whisper-quiet night mode so that you can sleep through the night. Of course, all functions can be set both on the control panel on the device and conveniently using the infrared remote control. In addition, the Air cooler is equipped with a timer function that enables the planned switch-off. The Air cooler PAE 11 is ideally suited for use in rooms up to 15 m² or 37 m³ and offers an attractive and modern look. With its stable handle and smooth-running transport castors, it can be conveniently and flexibly placed in any room as desired.

PAE 11: Comfort is very important Despite its compact dimensions, the 3-in-1 air cooler PAE 11 combines numerous comfort functions in its elegant housing:

Swing-Function The automatic swing function ensures room-filling air circulation. The vertical air flaps automatically swing (oscillate) from left to right, so that the blown air is optimally distributed in the room. The horizontal discharge height of the air flow can also be adjusted manually.

Gentle natural wind mode In natural wind mode, the PAE 11 cools with an increasing and decreasing ventilation intensity, comparable to a refreshing sea breeze on the beach. The gentle gusts of wind are particularly pleasant on the skin and are a good alternative to continuous air flow.

Timer-Function The practical 8-hour timer enables the device to be switched off individually after a pre-set time. In the office, for example, you can ensure that the air cooler switches off automatically at the end of the day.

Night mode The air cooler has a night mode with a gradual reduction in ventilation strength so that you can sleep through with pleasant cooling. So you fall asleep with a pleasant air cooling and the body recovers optimally from the exertions of the day even on hot summer nights. Tip: if necessary, the timer can also be used to automatically switch off the device at night.

Remote control Control the PAE 11 from the comfort of your seat. All functions and settings can also be carried out by remote control without getting up.

Air filter against animal hair, dust and lint in the room air The air filter integrated on the back traps animal hair, lint and flakes of dust from the room air. This allows allergy sufferers and people with sensitive airways to breathe easier and breathe freely. The easily removable filter can be quickly cleaned by wiping or rinsing.

Naturally effective cooling principle In contrast to air conditioners, no chemical refrigerants are used in air coolers. The cooling process takes place in a completely natural way. In addition, there is no need for an exhaust hose, and no complex installations are required.

A mobile air cooler works on the principle of natural evaporative cooling. You know this from your own experience: if you blow on damp skin, you feel an immediate cooling, because the evaporation process removes heat. It is the same with air coolers or air coolers: inside the air cooler there is a filter mat soaked with water. The warm air is conducted from the back of the device through the wet filter mat and cools down due to evaporation. The cooler air is then blown into the room by a fan.

Year-round operation – air cooler in summer, humidifier in winter With the PAE 11 you can enjoy a mobile, comfortable climate all year round. Instead of parking the slim and space-saving Air cooler in the storage room after the summer season, it is advisable to simply use it all year round. In spring and late summer you can provide a fresh wind with its 3 ventilation levels and enjoy the cooling effect of cold evaporation.

In autumn and winter, the device is also recommended as an effective humidifier to create a more pleasant indoor climate. Because dry heating air can irritate the respiratory tract, dry out the skin and redden the eyes. At an air humidity of 50%, the multiplication of viruses in the indoor air is also reduced. By using a humidifier, you ensure a sufficient level of humidity and can increase your well-being in stuffy, overheated rooms and prevent colds and virus infections.

With the 3-in-1 Air cooler PAE 11 you benefit from pleasant air cooling, refreshing ventilation and beneficial air humidification. For optimal climate, all year round!


Raising the humidity to 50% reduces the risk of viruses being transmitted Specialists have evaluated research results on the resistance of viruses (e.g. SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), influenza) and air humidity. It turned out that the air humidity has serious effects on the infectivity of germ droplets. Dry room air with a relative moisture content of less than 40% dries out tiny droplets that are contaminated with flu or cold viruses. As a result, pathogens are preserved and remain infectious for a very long time. In the optimal range of 40 to 60% relative humidity, aerosols shrink only to such an extent that the salt concentration in the aerosol core increases, so that the germs and microorganisms contained therein are killed. The risk of catching flu and cold viruses is minimized here.

Specialists emphasise that we can reduce the risk of infection by increasing the humidity in buildings. For example, increasing the humidity by humidification to around 50% leads to a reduction in the risk of transmission. In addition, the humidified air improves the body’s defence situation by cleaning the airways more efficiently and promoting the immune system. In modern buildings with a dense building envelope, central heating and ventilation systems, these limit values can often not be met in everyday life without active air humidification. However, a device with an air humidification function can support this.

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions22 × 22 × 59 cm


Practical advantages:

  • 3-in-1 evaporative air cooler: air cooling, ventilation, humidification
  • Natural air cooling through evaporative cooling with Honeycomb technology
  • Possibility of operation with 2 supplied cold packs or ice cubes to increase the cooling capacity
  • High evaporation capacity of 0.46 litres per hour
  • 3-liter water tank with level indicator
  • Automatic oscillation of the air fins for even distribution in the room
  • Air filter (against animal hair, lint and dust)
  • Natural wind mode: gently rising and falling breeze
  • Night mode with reduced fan speed
  • Convenient remote control
  • 3 fan speeds
  • 8 hour timer function for automatic switch off
  • Easy to transport thanks to the stable handle and transport wheels
  • Suitable for year-round operation! Air cooler in summer, humidifier in winter


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