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Air cooler PAE 11

The all-year-round 3-in-1 solution: air cooler, fan and humidifier in one device

Enjoy natural cooling and a breath of fresh air Whether at home or in the office – when things get hot in spring and summer, you can use the PAE 11 evaporative air cooler to provide a refreshingly cool breeze in a natural way and without chemical refrigerants. Even more: The compact 3-in-1 combination unit works as a fan, air cooler and humidifier as required.

Optimal climate through evaporative air cooling, ventilation and air humidification Oppressive summer heat out, room climate to breathe deeply with cooling refreshment – and that very simply and reliably through natural evaporative cooling according to the honeycomb filter principle (honeycomb technology). The ‘Air cooler’ has a 3 litre water tank and creates an air flow of 90 m³ per hour. With a humidification capacity of max. The device can produce 0.46 litres per hour of fresh and cool air in continuous operation with just one tank filling for more than 6 hours. A level indicator on the device always informs you of the current water tank content. On request, the cooling effect can also be enhanced with the included cooling packs or with ice cubes.


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