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Aircooler PAE 50

The stylish 4-in-1 air cooler not only sets new standards with its award-winning design – the PAE 50 also plays to its strengths in terms of performance and functioning.

Air cooler PAE 50: for cooling and chilling. Indoors and outdoors.

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With an air flow rate of 750 m³/h the PAE 50 is particularly well-suited for use in rooms sized up to 150 m³. Chilled calculators will appreciate the low energy consumption of merely 145 watts as well as the consequently also low operating costs.

Benefits in practice:

  • 4-in-1 evaporation air cooler: air cooling, ventilation, air freshening, humidification
  • Efficient latent heat of evaporation with honeycomb technology
  • Suitable for operation with four supplied ice packs or with ice cubes to increase the cooling capacity
  • Permanent water connection option
  • Natural wind mode
  • Improved air cleaning thanks to ionizer
  • Integrated scented oil diffuser for an optional room air aromatization
  • Adjustable discharge direction and automatically swivelling fins
  • 4 fan stages
  • Timer function
  • Night mode
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • IR remote control
  • Easy to transport thanks to sturdy wheels
  • Thanks to attachable feet the device can also be used on slightly inclined floors
  • Suitable for year-round operation! Air cooler in the summer, humidifier in the winter
Weight13 kg
Dimensions39 × 35 × 88 cm


Technical data:

  • Maximum air volume: 750 m³/h
  • Air speed: 11 m/s
  • Fan stages: 4
  • Maximum evaporation performance: 2 l/h
  • Coolant: Water
  • Water tank: 20 Litre
  • Power supply: 220 – 240V / 50 Hz
  • Input: 145 W
  • Connector plug: CEE 7/16
  • Cable length: 2,0 m
  • Dimension: 390 x 350 x 880 mm
  • Weight: 13 kg


PAE 50 Manual

ECOIS PAE 50 Spec Sheet