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Product Code: 1160000020

Airwasher AW 20 S

3-in-1 comfort device for air humidification, air purification and odour elimination – with HEPA filter to protect against viruses, bacteria and allergens in the room air

Additional health protection through improved indoor air quality

Humidified and purified air is pure life energy and an additional protective shield against airborne diseases! Up to 50,000 particles such as fine dust and pollen, but also bacteria or aerosol particles contaminated with influenza (flu) and SARS-CoV-2 viruses (Covid-19) float in one cubic centimetre of air. And because we inhale around 8,000 litres of air every day – around 80% of it indoors – the air washer AW 20 S offers increased protection against these pathogens in the air.


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