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Our purifiers create a cleaner, more comfortable environment for employees, students & guests.

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Clean air for working & living - breathe freely & healthily

Clean breathing air that is free from germs and viruses is an elementary component of our health and productivity. Every day, bacteria and viruses put our immune system to the test. Besides, allergens, dust, mould spores and a lot of other suspended matter strain our sensitive respiratory tract. TAC air cleaners create clean workspaces and purify your breathing air. With the high-efficiency H14 HEPA particulate air filters, even hygiene-sensitive cleanroom environments can be implemented.

Hygienically perfect room air in public areas & at the workplace is not only indispensable in times of pandemic. We spend almost 90% of the day indoors.

However, interior air is rarely ever uncontaminated and clean. Viruses, aerosols, and bacteria as well as high concentrations of fine dust, chemical substances, allergens, or asbestos fibers can occur at the workplace and pose a significant risk to the health of employees and customers. No matter whether reliable protection against pathogens such as the COVID-19 pathogen SARS-CoV-2 must be achieved in times of spreading infectious diseases. Or whether the work-related pollution at the workplace or construction site is to be reduced using suitable room air cleaners – ECO Industry Solutions has the ideal solution for every air purification task.