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Commercial Dehumidifier TTK 900 MP

Easy to transport, difficult to beat – our ultimate condenser dryer for professional drying applications

More construction dryer is not possible!

Designed as a reference class of professional construction dryers, the TTK 900 leaves practically nothing to be desired. Its robust construction and robust components guarantee the highest dehumidification performance and stable value over the long term. Thanks to the perfect interaction of a particularly powerful and efficient rotary compressor, an extremely robust high-pressure centrifugal fan and the high-quality electronic and mechanical components, the TTK 900 impresses with its excellent dehumidifying capacity, especially at low ambient temperatures.

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Centrifugal fan with strong circulating air with dry air discharge on both sides

The TTK 900 is equipped with a double-sided dry air outlet so that the dry, dehumidified air can be distributed quickly throughout the room. In this way, the high-volume dry air blown out by the high-pressure centrifugal fan can flow evenly through the room directly via two air outlet sides without back pressure – an enormous practical advantage for quick drying of large rooms!

At the same time, the TTK 900 was consistently designed for maximum mobility for changing locations and harsh working environments. That is why the TTK 900 has, in addition to a trolley with an adjustable push handle, large wheels with non-marking rubber tires – everything combined in a robust metal housing.

Together with its minimized energy and floor space requirements, the TTK 900 represents the ultimate building dryer, also for drying water damage and keeping waterworks or large warehouses with low ambient temperatures dry.

Effective process for high dehumidification performance up to max. 100 l/h

For effective air dehumidification, the TTK 900 is equipped with a powerful hot gas automatic defrosting system in the bypass process, which only requires very short defrosting phases, which increases the level of performance and is ideally suited for effective air dehumidification in low temperature areas such as unheated rooms.

If necessary, a hygrostat can also be connected to the TTK 900 so that moisture-controlled drying can take place automatically in continuous operation. A condensate pump is also available for this purpose for condensate drainage across floors.

100% construction dryer – the name says it all

A commercial dehumidifier does not become a real construction dryer simply by name. The name obliges: The device has to dry large amounts of air, in continuous use, on the construction site, in cool surroundings. In the end, construction dryers earn their money in drying, not in the warehouse and certainly not in the workshop.

That is why the construction dryers of the TTK series were consistently designed for high dehumidification performance and service life. The devices work reliably and without interruption even when in continuous use on the construction site – and if maintenance is required, it can be done faster than ever before:

Innovative central chassis – maintenance-friendly module design

TTK 500 and TTK 900 have an innovative central chassis from which the robust metal housing can be removed quickly and easily. Ideal for service, maintenance and cleaning.

And the entire electronics are not only specially encapsulated and thus reliably protected from harmful deposits – they are also modular in design and all individual electronics modules are plug-in and easy to maintain. The exchange of individual modules is therefore quick and easy, even on site at the construction site: disconnect the plug, exchange the module, plug it in again – done. Maintenance-related breaks in use can be reduced to a minimum.

Refrigerant R-454C – less GWP, more efficiency and safety

The refrigerants often used in compression refrigeration dryers up to now have a high global warming potential. One of the reasons for the EU’s F-Gas phase-down – and for Trotec a natural obligation to use not only an environmentally friendly, but also an equally safe and efficient refrigerant for the latest generation of TTK construction dryers.

R-454C scores in all three categories – environmental, safety and efficiency. Therefore, R-454C is the refrigerant of choice for the high-performance TTK construction dryers.

In contrast to natural refrigerants such as propane, R-454C is only flammable with a high ignition energy, which is why there is no risk of explosion even in the event of leaks, which continues to make operation and maintenance of the heat exchanger easy and safe. The non-toxic R-454C is ideally suited for hermetically sealed refrigeration systems and, in addition to a high COP value (coefficient of performance), is also characterized by a very low GWP value (global warming potential) of less than 150 and an ODP (ozone depletion potential) of 0 off. If R-454C escapes into the atmosphere, it contributes at least 10 times less to the greenhouse effect than currently used refrigerants.

Weight69 kg
Dimensions50 × 56.5 × 96 cm



Benefits for practice:

  • Development, design, production: 100% Trotec
  • High dehumidification capacity – even at temperatures below 15 °C
  • Suitable for rooms up to 800 m³ for building drying and water damage restoration
  • Keeping rooms up to 1,600 m³ dry
  • Can be used from 0 °C
  • Extremely powerful rotary compressor
  • Professional hot gas automatic defrosting in the bypass procedure
  • Innovative central chassis, easily removable for quick cleaning and inspections
  • Particularly maintenance-friendly: plug-in electronic modules, easily exchangeable without tools
  • Can be stacked to save space – little space in the warehouse
  • Thanks to TTK compressor technology, it can be transported in any position – standing or lying down
  • Robust and highly mobile – thanks to large wheels, easy to handle even in difficult terrain or on stairs
  • Powerful centrifugal fan with dry air discharge on both sides for high air circulation rates
  • Easily replaceable and washable air filter
  • Connection for external hygrostat
  • Adjustable push handle – horizontal or vertical
  • Operating hours counter as standard
  • MID-compliant dual counter for operating hours and energy consumption optional


TTK 900 MP Operation Manual