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Convector TCH 1 E

Compact frost guard for heating small rooms

Whether in the home, in the office or in the hobby workshop – the TCH 1 E provides pleasant warmth. Even in the toilet or camping holidays in caravans or mobile homes, the small convector is simply practical. In addition, the compact quick heater is ideal for supplying heat to unheated small rooms with its frost guard function and to protect it against overcooling by thermostat control or to prevent water pipes from freezing.


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Cost-effective heat with energy-saving function
Regardless of whether the heater is used unattended as a frost guard, as an additional source of heat on cold days or as a sole heating solution in rarely used rooms: The TCH 1 E heats with its 520 Watt heating power pleasingly low! If the target heat set via the continuously variable thermostat is reached, the convector switches off automatically and automatically switches back on again if the temperature falls below the temperature. So you only heat as much as necessary and save as much energy costs as possible!

Clean heat in no time
Operating the TCH 1 E could not be simpler: Unpack the device, plug the power cable into the socket, and you’re done. Then simply set the desired target temperature via the side thermostat and the TCH 1 E will start heating automatically in automatic mode – clean, odourless and noiseless.

Equally convection heat
In TCH series convectors, the air in the unit is heated by electrically heated wires, and as a result rises up as warm air, creating a natural suction that draws cold indoor air into the unit. This creates a steady circulation of warm air throughout the room that flows into all corners. The heat spreads evenly everywhere, overheating or underheating of individual areas is thus prevented. As soon as the preset heat level is reached, the unit switches off automatically in an energy-efficient manner and again when it falls below it.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions17.7 × 27.5 × 27.6 cm


Benefits in practice:

  • Economical 520 W heating power for clean, condensation-free and odourless heat
  • Continuously thermos control
  • Thermostat-controlled automatic operation
  • Frost guard function
  • Energy-efficient operation thanks to its automatic shutdown when set temperature is reached
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Overheating protection
  • Noiseless heating
  • Stable positioning thanks to large adjustable feet


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