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Product Code: 1580001035

Design Air Cleaner AirgoClean 150 E

Breathe clean air without worries thanks to 3-fold strong HEPA filter technology – with ionisation and air quality display

Day after day free to breathe clean air

Clean air reduces health risks! Every breath fills our lungs with around half a litre of air. With every inhalation, however, tiny particles of shaft material also enter the airways and lungs. These are deposited in the bronchi and pulmonary alveoli and can have a short or long-term effect on health. Air pollution is therefore a particular burden, especially for children, allergy sufferers and people who are already ill. The higher the level of pollution in the air, for example along busy roads, the more noticeable the effects on performance and well-being in everyday life. The AirgoClean® 150 E with its unique 3-layer HEPA filter technology offers a high level of protection against pathogenic micro-particles to reliably remove air pollutants in the micrometer range from the room air.


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