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Convector Heater TCH 1500 E

Elegance to feel good. Stylish aluminium convector with 10 heating levels and remote control

Excellent heating performance in its most beautiful form

Mobile heaters in the living space do not always have to be white and soberly designed. The TCH 1500 E convector heater, which received the Red Dot Design Award, offers a design that stands out from the crowd – and also convinces in terms of heating output and comfort. Its high-quality aluminium casing with brushed front panel and black high-gloss trim makes it clear at first glance that the 1,500 Watt Designer Convector is a self-confident focal point of modern living and working spaces.



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Expressive warmth for modern living and working

Make a visual statement with the elegant Designer Convector TCH 1500 E – wherever cosy, comfortable warmth is required. For example, as a supplementary heater in living rooms, sales rooms, offices, as well as in hobby rooms, party cellars or fitness rooms of up to 20 m² or 50 m³. Or also as permanent heating with 10 adjustable heating levels (from 220 W to 1,500 W) in the conservatory, guest room, holiday home or loggia. The IPX4 splash-proof housing allows the heater to be used in bathrooms or guest toilets as well as in bedrooms. The lighting of the control panel switches off automatically during operation – ideal for an undisturbed night’s sleep. Furthermore, the convector can be used as a reliable frost monitor, for example to protect unheated rooms from excessive cooling and expensive frost damage.

Clean and odourless heat without annoying background noise

Unlike conventional fan heaters with heating coil and fan, the TCH 1500 E generates its cosy warmth silently via an electric heating element without fan support. This means that no dust is stirred up during heating, which is particularly beneficial for asthmatics and people with sensitive airways.

All-round equipment for comfort conscious connoisseurs

Outrageously good-looking and at the same time shining with convincing features – no one can match the high-quality TCH 1500 E so quickly. With remote control, touch display, thermostat control, timer function, 10 heating levels, eco mode, child lock and practical cable winder, it also impresses in terms of comfort.

Keeps out the cold: Cold air shielding in front of window surfaces

Generously proportioned window elements, which sometimes reach down to the floor, are a typical feature of modern living and business premises. As positive as the generous incidence of light of this room design has a positive effect on the living ambience of the room, large windows have a negative influence on the living room climate on cold days. The warm room air cools down on the cold window surfaces, sinks to the floor and triggers an unpleasant cold air flow. The result is draughts in the floor area and cold feet.

The TCH 1500 E, with its very wide shape, designed close to the ground, provides a remedy. This type of convector is also known as mobile skirting board heating. Placed in front of the window, the 110 cm wide convector acts like an invisible heat protection shield. The cool floor air is heated by the electric heating element to the desired comfortable temperature in the range of 5 °C to 35 °C. The warm air rises according to the convection principle and after a short time a gently circulating flow of warm air is created which is distributed evenly and comfortably throughout the entire room.

Reduces energy costs: Thermostat control and energy saving mode

All unit settings of the Designer Convector TCH 1500 E can be made via the modern touch panel or by remote control. The slim heater shows you the current room temperature on the elegant black LCD display and has an integrated temperature sensor with which the heat output or heating level is automatically adjusted to the current and desired room temperature. When the pre-set desired temperature is reached, the convector switches off automatically and saves energy. If reheating is necessary, the TCH 1500 E is also automatically reactivated. This intelligent temperature control is supplemented by an energy-saving mode to heat the room temperature slowly and at a low heating level to a constant room temperature of 26 °C.

Programmable heat in the rhythm of life: 24-hour timer

With the timer for automatically switching the heater on or off, which can be set in 1-hour steps, the heating times of the TCH 1500 E can be adapted to the individual rhythm of life both conveniently and power-savingly. In the office, for example, when the convector switches off automatically after an 8-hour working day without you having to think about it. Or at home in the cozily warm bedroom, when you fall asleep while reading the bed with the good certainty that the direct heater will switch itself off completely after the preset time.

Certainly the best choice – also for families with children and pets

Just as stylish as its outward appearance are the numerous safety features of the TCH 1500 E, making this attractive heater ideal for active families with children and pets, for example.

Child lock

Attentive children explore the world with all their senses. By touching and feeling, they understand connections or exciting objects in their environment. In order to protect the unit settings of the TCH 1500 E from being explored by curious children’s hands, the convector has a child lock that can be activated as required.


Where children play and romp around with exuberant animals, sometimes something can fall over or get broken. With the TCH 1500 E you don’t have to worry about this. An integrated anti-tipper switches the heater off immediately if it is ever moved from its vertical position in the heat of the moment and despite its stable feet.

Overheating protection

A safety thermostat reliably prevents, for example, carelessly deposited clothing from causing heat to build up inside the appliance. In this case an overheating protection is activated and the appliance switches off fully automatically.

Cable rewind

With the practical cable winder and the side compartment for the remote control, the heater can be stored neatly and compactly when not in use.

The Designer Convector TCH 1500 E is an eye-catcher in modern bathrooms, residential and business premises. Whether in the cold and wet transitional period or in the icy winter – with its uniform convection heat, it reliably and comfortably ensures pleasant temperatures.

Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions13 × 110 × 23 cm


Advantages for the practice:

  • 1,500 W heating power for clean, condensation-free heat
  • 10 heating levels (220 W to 1,500 W)
  • High-quality aluminium design housing
  • IR remote control
  • Thermostat-controlled automatic operation with target value selection between 5 and 35 °C
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Current room temperature display
  • Touch screen and LCD display
  • Timer function
  • Frost monitor function
  • Power saving mode
  • Energy-efficient operation thanks to auto switch-off when target values are reached
  • Maximum safety due to overheating protection, anti-tipper and child safety lock
  • Silent heating


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