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TTK 27 HEPA Dehumidifier + AirgoClean 15 E Air Purifier

Thanks to its compact design, the TTK 27 HEPA can always be fit in the smallest of rooms, where it can do its work. It reliably keeps heated residential or office spaces of up to 15 m² dry.

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This Bundle offers a TTK 27 HEPA and 50% off an AirgoClean 15 E Air Purifier – Combat both mould and viruses by deploying these 2 devices throughout your home and enjoy the massive health benefits!

A clever combination: dehumidifier and air purifier with 95% HEPA filtration

Enjoy indoor air. The multifunctional design dehumidifier TTK 27 HEPA make this and more possible in an outstanding way. Equipped with two technologies to permanently improve the air quality, the combination device eliminates unhealthy moisture in living and business premises, offices, shops, unheated winter gardens, basements and garages. In addition, the room air is cleaned in the integrated HEPA filter and 95 percent of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, mould spores, pollen, house dust, fine dust, allergens and other pollutants are removed. Permanent health protection for everyone in the room – a noticeable relief especially for allergy sufferers and people with house dust allergies. The modern dehumidifier is available in a straight, cuboid design with bevelled edges and a structured surface in two designs and device sizes.

Everything is included for healthier indoor air and a better quality of life

A hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification with target preselection of the desired humidity (30% to 80%), digital air quality sensors, four operating modes including night mode and a two-stage fan guarantee reliable dehumidification and air purification. For unattended continuous use, the device with overflow protection also has a hose connection on the back, in order to permanently drain the condensate removed from the air via a hose. The front color LED display, which shows the status of the indoor air quality in three colours (blue, green, red), is practical. An illuminated segment display in the LED display provides precise information about the current humidity, the preset target humidity and the remaining operating hours when the 24-hour timer is activated for time-controlled switching on and off.

See the room air with different eyes: air quality sensors

You cannot tell from the air in the room whether it is too humid or contaminated with pathogens. If mold spores or viruses are invisible in the air, this usually only becomes noticeable when it is already too late.

The TTK 27 HEPA room dehumidifier sees what you cannot see. Its digital humidity sensors continuously measure the room air humidity. The front colour LED display of the current room humidity is practical:

  • Blue: Signals that the humidity is too dry below 50%
  • Green: Indicates optimal humidity between 50 to 70%
  • Red: Indicates that the humidity is too high above 70%
Weight11 kg
Dimensions23.7 × 30 × 41 cm


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