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Health Benefits of Infrared Heating

Infrared heating might just be the solution we desperately need in the face of the current energy crisis. It is more efficient than traditional convection heating, which can help save some money on your heating bill.

What most people have yet to realise is that infrared heating is also better for your health. Keeping ourselves warm through the colder months is one of the best ways to stay healthy, but beyond that infrared treatments are being used in medical and therapeutic fields. We will look at the top health benefits of installing infrared heating in your home.

How it works

Traditional radiators and heaters use a process called convection heating. This creates hot air which rises and then disperses throughout the room. This is why it can take a while to feel the benefits of putting your heating on.

In contrast, infrared heat is similar to the kind of heat you feel in the sunlight. Unlike the sun, it does not emit harmful UV rays, but instead sends out wavelengths of warmth to heat up objects, furniture and people. The effects can be felt almost immediately once you turn on an infrared heating panel.

Main health benefits

Allergy friendly

Convection heating relies on hot air rising to warm up a room. However, when the heat rises it can also dislodge the dust and allergens that have been building up behind your radiator. This can make it difficult to enjoy for people with breathing conditions such as asthma. There are also some people who find their allergies are worse in the dry, hot air from a radiator.

Infrared heating does not move the air, making it a better option for anyone with breathing difficulties or allergies.

Boosted immune system

When your body absorbs the warmth from infrared heat, this causes your capillaries to expand. This increases the flow of oxygen and helps red blood cells to regenerate. It also encourages higher numbers of white blood cells to boost your immune system and help detoxify the major organs in the body.

Better circulation

Another perk of infrared heat expanding your capillaries is that it makes for better blood circulation around your body. This allows more oxygen and essential nutrients to be delivered to your muscles. In doing so, this helps aid recovery from muscle fatigue and can heal wounds quicker. If you live an active lifestyle, this can be particularly beneficial when you return home after a workout.

Pain relief

Infrared heat has been used in medical studies as a method for pain relief. In particular, it is supposed to ease any aches or stiffness felt in the joints, either from conditions such as arthritis or simply from ageing. If you regularly experience soreness around your joints, infrared heating may help relieve the symptoms.

Healthier hearts

As it helps with circulation, infrared heat can improve the function of your cardiovascular system. Not only does it help to oxygenate blood, but it can improve blood vessel functionality.

Mental health

There is no denying that shelter and warmth are two of our most basic human needs. A cold home is not a relaxing space to be in and this can be detrimental to mental health in the winter months. Keeping yourself warm is one way to improve your mood, potentially helping to ease seasonal symptoms.

Reduces harmful damp

If you do not heat your home appropriately, it can become damp. This often leads to black mould which can be incredibly harmful to the respiratory system. Infrared heaters will cost less and warm up your home more efficiently, helping you to keep a consistent warm temperature in your home which will prevent mould from developing.