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High Performance AirgoClean® 350 E Purifier

The largest and strongest in its class for up to 120 m² – 2-fold effective HEPA filter protection against viruses, bacteria, fine dust, and other particles.

The AirgoClean® 350 E air cleaner is fully automatic, with its intelligently controlled air purification and a double-acting HEPA filter, the device provides hygienically perfect air for healthy inhalation and deep breathing in rooms of up to 120 m² or 300 m³.

Viruses, bacteria, pollen, allergens, fine dust particles, and mould spores up to a size of 0.3 micrometers are eliminated in the two HEPA filters due to the high degree of separation of 99.97%, and the air sensors of the AirgoClean® 350 E continuously measures the temperature, humidity, air quality, and microparticle contamination of the room air. The powerful air circulation of 1,000 m³/h enables a noticeable improvement in air quality in the shortest possible time.

With a three-stage air quality display, the numerical display of the PM 2.5 value (number of fine dust particles <2.5 µm), and an optical display with colored LED lights indicate the purity of the ambient air.

All device functions can be conveniently and conveniently controlled and set remotely – in addition to manual setting via the control panel.


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The intelligent AirgoClean 250 E is a fully automatic, high-performance purifier with air quality sensors that enable the unit to clean the air with an intelligently controlled performance.

The air quality sensors continuously monitor the room air for air quality and fine dust pollution. The four-stage air quality indicator makes the otherwise invisible air quality visible. Combined with three-stage adjustable ventilation, with a maximum air circulation rate of 740 m³/hour, it provides a noticeable improvement in air quality in rooms up to 88 m² or 220 m³.

Double 3-in-1 HEPA filter technology with ionization removes bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mite residue, mould fungus spores, and other allergens from the air.

With pre-mounted filters on both sides of the unit, the 2 x DACRON® prefilters, 2 x HEPA filter (99.97 %), and the 2 x double activated carbon filters – are effective against house dust, odours, pet allergens, cigarette smoke, smog, and particles which can carry smells and viruses. The uncomplicated, quick filter change ensures easy operation.

In automatic mode*, the fan speed and the associated air cleaning performance are controlled depending on the air quality:
Blue: Outstanding air quality PM2.5 (diameter of >2.5µ) value 0 – 55
Green: Good air quality PM2.5 value 56 – 100
Orange: medium air quality PM2.5 value 101 – 150
Red: Poor air quality PM2.5 value > 150

With the four-stage filter quality display, you will never miss the right time to replace the HEPA filter. The graphically designed bars provide information about the remaining time until the filter change.

A timer that can be set in 1-hour steps automatically switches the device off after the preset time. This saves energy and you don’t have to worry about switching off after a hard day at work in the home office or when going to bed.

The noise-reduced night mode with dimmed lighting enables cleanly filtered room air even during sleep. The air flow is automatically adapted to the need for sleep and the air output is regulated to the lowest ventilation level.

Weight12 kg
Dimensions36 × 36 × 71 cm


AirgoClean_350 E Manual