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New PAE 30 Air Cooler

The stylish tower fan featuring evaporative cooling – in Stock Now!

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PAE 30

Discover how the new 3-in-1 works in the elegant and new tower fan: The PAE 30 air cooler is now finally available and combines ventilation, cooling and humidification in just one unit. Simply blow the heat out of the room in the summer and simultaneously enjoy the cool refreshing sensation on your skin. And what’s more, you can also obtain the optimal level of humidity in the room. You’ll be perfectly equipped to handle the next hot summer. The world is your oyster – let us take care of the heat!


Whether in the office or at home – the particularly slim design of the PAE 30 adds a modern accent to every room with its elegant appearance. You benefit from the power of the tower fan as well as an air cooler with an integrated water tank. In fact, the new 3-in-1 air cooler with its highly convenient cooling, ventilation and humidification functions impresses all year round. In spring and late summer you can get fresh air at the push of a button with its 4 ventilation levels and, at the same time, enjoy the cooling effect of cold evaporation. Incidentally, thanks to the Honeycomb technology, this takes place naturally and without the use of chemical refrigerants.

And best of all: In the autumn and winter, the PAE 30 ’s humidification feature can be used to optimally humidify any rooms that are too dry: On the one hand, this protects the mucous membranes in the nose, mouth and throat from drying out. Additionally, from an air humidity level of 50%, it also reduces the spread of viruses – including the coronavirus! – as well as bacteria in the room air. This is because infected persons coughing and distributing fine droplets together with influenza or cold viruses in the air causes the air in the room to dry out, which preserves the pathogens and keeps them infectious for longer. However, in the optimum range of 40 to 60 % relative humidity, the droplets shrink just enough to bring about an increase in salt concentration – and the germs and micro-organisms are killed. This way, you minimise the risk of infection in the long term!

PAE 30 How it Works

As a tower fan, the PAE 30 features a four-stage blower to blow hot air out of the room – even without the air cooling function switched on, if necessary. An even distribution of the fresh air flow in the entire room is guaranteed by the automatic oscillation, in which the internal air guide fins of the Air Cooler continuously move vertically back and forth by 60°. The horizontal fins can be adjusted manually to direct the air flow as desired.

As an evaporative cooler, the air cooler, with its 7-litre water tank, a powerful air flow of 500 m³ per hour and a humidification capacity of 0.8 litres per hour, provides more than 8 hours of refreshing cooling – all without needing to refill the water tank. The clearly visible level indicator shows you at a glance whether there is enough water in the tank. If the water tank is empty, the appliance switches off automatically and a warning message appears in the display. The cooling effect can be further enhanced by using the two cooling packs supplied. Simply pour into the water tank – that’s it!

As a super cooling power tower, the air cooler also features a range of other smart extras. In addition to the night mode, which gradually reduces the intensity of ventilation, and the natural wind mode, which is responsible for increasing and decreasing the intensity of ventilation, the PAE 30’s other comfort functions include an integrated air filter at the rear to protect against pet hair, lint and dust, and a practical 10-hour timer. The air cooler is equipped with a recessed grip and easy-running castors for easy relocation. The integrated cable winder keeps everything tidy and prevents dangerous tripping hazards.

Four of the many advantages I particularly like:

  • the combination of the tower fan and integrated evaporative cooling
  • the 3-in-1 evaporative air cooler with air cooling, ventilation and humidification
  • natural air cooling thanks to evaporation cooling with honeycomb technology
  • the optional use of 2 included ice packs or ice cubes for increased cooling capacity

Design PAE 30 Air Cooler - Brand Quality from Trotec

Benefit from Trotec brand quality as a guarantee of high value, safety and functionality. Order the new PAE 30 air cooler today and recieve within 2-3 days.