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Product Code: 1050003018

Infrared Heater TIH 1100 S


Estimated delivery on 27 September - 18 October, 2021

The infrared heating panel TIH 1100 S is our best recommendation for equipping heater less rooms with an effective heating source. Alternatively, it can be used as a low cost source of comfortable warmth in your home.

Practical Advantages:

  • Efficient heating method with environmentally compatible IR-C radiation
  • Heat transport via light waves – direct object heating without convective loss
  • Maximum efficiency: 100% of the electrical energy used is converted into thermal power
  • Clean heat – no noise, no smell, no condensation, no oxygen consumption, no irritating resuspension of dust
  • Integrated suspension for mounting on wall or and mounting brackets
  • Can also be used as a standalone unit
  • Ready to use – no additional installations or expensive remodeling required


Estimated delivery on 27 September - 18 October, 2021
Infrared Heater TIH 1100 S

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