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Infrared Heating Panel TIH 700 S

The Infrared heating panel TIH 700 S is our best recommendation for heating rooms, which are in need of an effective heating source or if you want to create additional comfortable and reasonably priced warmth in your own home.

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While conventional heaters work with convection, in which surrounding air is used as the heat carrier and distributed in the room, the TIH 700 S infrared heating panel generates direct heat without convective loss, similar to the principle of the sun.

Here are some possible applications for the infrared heating panel TIH 700 S:

  • Heating of living quarters – Whether a living area, conservatory or bathroom, as an additional heating system, the infrared flat heater creates heat directly where it is needed by the occupants. It can be mounted on the wall in a space-saving manner and only needs a standard socket for heating operation
  • As a standing or wall-mounted unit, the TIH 700 S infrared heating plate is the optimum solution for selective heating of sales stands or terraces and is much more effective than traditional gas heaters
  • Faster drying of wall surfaces – During building drying or refurbishment, the infrared heating of suitable wall construction materials causes a capillary transport of moisture in the direction of the heated wall surface, which differs considerably from diffusion, as it can transport significantly more moisture out of the wall.
  • Work-heating – simply set up vertically by means of feet, infrared spot heating with the TIH 700 S provides many advantages to drafty or cool workplaces, for example in the camp, behind refrigerated counters and in workshops or large halls.

Benefits in practice:

    • Efficient heating process with environmentally friendly IR-C radiation
    • Heat transport via light waves – direct object heating without convective loss
    • Maximum efficiency: 100% of the electrical energy used is converted into heat output
    • Clean heat – no noise, no smell, no condensation, no oxygen consumption, no unpleasant dust swirling
    • Integrated suspension system for mounting on wall or mounting brackets
    • Can also be used as a standing device
    • Can be used immediately – no additional installations or expensive conversions required


Weight8 kg
Dimensions2.2 × 120.5 × 60.5 cm


TIH Series – Downloadable Spec Sheet 

Technical specifications:

  • Heating capacity: 900 Watts
  • Connection voltage: 230 V
  • Surface temperature: 70-90 °C
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 22 x 1205 x 755 mm
  • Mobility: portable
  • Cable length: 1.9 m
  • Overheat protection
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Weight: 8 kg


Calculation of the power requirement for rooms up to 2.5 m ceiling heightInsulation quality of the rooms
good to very goodmitteluninsulated / old building
1 outer wall50 W/m²70 W/m²90 W/m²
per additional outer wall+10 W/m²+10 W/m²+10 W/m²
The required infrared power is calculated as follows: Area of the room in m² x W/m² = required heating power in Watts. Example: For a room size of 10 m² with very good insulation quality and two exterior walls (50 + 10 W/m²) the recommended performance requirement is 10 m² x 60W/m² = 600 W.

Please note that the feet, telescopic bars and extension cables shown on the product pictures are not included in the scope of delivery!


TIH 300 S Manual downloadable

TIH Series – Spec Sheet downloadable