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Infrared Heating Panel TIH 350+

For specific masonry drying in new and old buildings or after water damage

The professional infrared heating panel TIH 350+ is ideal for the specific drying of wall surfaces in new buildings or after water damage. The TIH 350+ is an optimum solution especially for drying masonry moisture after moisture damage, as the moisture in such cases is often concentrated in areas close to the floor or in the ceiling. Just as wide as the TIH 650+, the TIH 350+ covers a large drying area, but is barely half as high. Due to the more compact heating surface, their energy consumption is also reduced in comparison, which can be determined by means of an integrated consumption meter MID-compliant.


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A prerequisite for an effective drying process, however, is a uniform heat distribution over the entire surface of the heating plate. In contrast to conventional infrared heating plates, which often only achieve inhomogeneous heat propagation, an innovative material mix of the TIH 350+ guarantees an absolutely uniform radiant power and thus heat distribution over the entire surface of the heating plate, which is additionally insulated on the rear side and therefore optimal object-oriented radiation performance as well maximum energy efficiency guaranteed.

In addition, since the TIH 350+ operates silently and uses no oxygen, it can also be used without problems in inhabited environments.

Screwless base construction

TIH 350+ and TIH 650+ are delivered with identical feet, so that a mixed installation of both heating plates with the same accessories is feasible. In addition, the feet, despite the unchanged state measure now even more compact and can be attached to the hotplate tool-free.

For this purpose, instead of existing screw now a spring bolt captive integrated in the base, which snaps securely into the installation and ensures a positive connection with the hot plate. No additional assembly tool required: pull, remove, pull, attach – very easy. For transport, the feet can be used to save space in the heating side receiving device of the plate.

Even with the optimal positioning, the feet are helpful to the side. They are constructed in such a way that the optimal heating distance and efficiency are automatically ensured when the feet are wall-hung. Therefore, no distance measurement is required for installation.

You can use the professional infrared heating plates TIH 350+ and TIH 650+ individually or in combination as needed:

  • Single horizontal floor installation of the TIH 350+ by mounting the supplied feet.
  • With the help of optional stacking handles, you can also use two or more TIH 350+ in batch mode.
  • Single horizontal floor installation of the TIH 650+ by mounting the supplied feet.
  • Individual vertical floor installation of the TIH 350+ by mounting the supplied feet.
  • Single vertical floor installation of the TIH 650+ by mounting the supplied feet.
  • Floor installation of the TIH 650+ by mounting the supplied feet and above – by connecting with stacking handles – an installed stacking system. TIH 650+ and TIH 350+ can be combined as desired in the stack.
  • Floor installation of the TIH 350+ and above – via connection with stacking handles – an installed stacking system. Also in this variant, TIH 650+ and TIH 350+ can be combined in the stack as desired.
  • With the optionally available mounting post connection set and the mounting post mounting clamp set, the TIH 650+ can also be attached to commercially available mounting posts for targeted surface drying of higher areas.
  • Likewise, the TIH 350+ can be installed on mounting supports via an optionally available connection set and mounting clamps.

The TIH 350+ convinces with a very uniform radiant power over the entire surface

Thermographic investigations document that conventional infrared heating panels often only achieve inhomogeneous heat distributions, which do not allow uniform surface drying.

In addition, the heat output often fluctuates in these models and the temperature is often much too high, especially at the heating elements.

However, extreme heat treatment can have fatal consequences, especially for sensitive building materials. If, for example, gypsum building materials are excessively heated, then water of crystallization flocculates, which can lead to a loss of overall structural stability.

In contrast, the TIH professional heating panels are characterised by constant temperature values and a very uniform radiation power over the entire surface. The heating capacity and wall clearance of the TIH 350+ were designed by the design engineers in such a way that even with gypsum building materials no material heating can take place in joint-stabilizing temperature ranges.

Benefits in practice:

  • Professional Quality “Made in Germany” – Original Trotec Manufacturing
  • High quality infrared heating panel with true 350 watts of heating power
  • Innovative materials enable even heat distribution over the entire surface
  • Rear insulation ensures maximum energy efficiency and optimal object-oriented radiation performance
  • Highly efficient heating process with environmentally friendly IR-C radiation for fast masonry drying
  • Heat transport via light waves – direct object heating without convective loss
  • Clean heat – no noise, no smell, no condensate, no oxygen consumption
  • Fast and stable stacking
  • Multi-stackable in combination with TIH 650+ IR heating plate
  • Robust aluminum composite construction with high torsional rigidity in maintenance-free Trotec quality
  • Tool-free mountable feet
  • Embedded base transport bracket
  • Integrated energy consumption meter (MID-compliant)

Please note that telescopic poles shown on the product images are not included!

Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions3.6 × 137 × 36.7 cm


Technical details:

  • Heating power: 350 watts
  • Area of effect: 0.46 m²
  • Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Plug type: CEE 7/7
  • Dimensions (L x W x H – without feet): 36 x 1370 x 367 mm
  • Mobility: portable
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • Overheating protection
  • Protection class: IP44
  • Weight: 6.5 kg


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