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Lancashire Telegraph

Clitheroe businessman introduces Covid-19 air-purifier to workplaces

Eco industry solutions company has introduced innovative air-purification to eliminate the risk of coronavirus being spread through the air in workplaces.


Mr Cardwell, 52-years-old, runs the Clitheroe base, where he has already got his staff back into the office, thanks to the highly effective air-purifiers.

He said: “We are quite good friends and during the pandemic, we were talking, and I said I want to get people back in offices, there has got to be solutions for it.

When the pandemic first hit, Mr Cardwell worried about his business empire and was ready to retire prior to it, but ultimately the lockdowns ignited a new passion for work.

Since using the air purifiers, his staff have not felt drowsy and have not had so much as a cold since they had been installed.


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