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PAC 2610 S Air conditioner


Estimated delivery on 23 June - 13 July, 2021

Local air conditioner PAC 2610 S 3-in-1 air conditioner: ensures a pleasant indoor climate through cooling, ventilation and dehumidification

Enjoy the summer in the cool!

Whether at home, in the office, in hotel rooms, in shops or in the gym – with a cooling capacity of 2.6 kW or 9,000 Btu / h (energy efficiency class A), the compact air conditioner PAC 2610 S is ideal for cooling rooms up to 34 m² / 85 m³.


Estimated delivery on 23 June - 13 July, 2021
PAC 2610 S Air conditioner
Local air conditioner PAC 2610 S3-in-1 air conditioner: ensures a pleasant indoor climate through cooling, ventilation and dehumidification Enjoy the summer in the cool! Whether at home, in the office, in hotel rooms, in shops or in the gym – with a cooling capacity of 2.6 kW or 9,000 Btu / h (energy efficiency class A), the compact air conditioner PAC 2610 S is ideal for cooling rooms up to 34 m² / 85 m³. Comfort is also taken care of: with remote control, 24-hour timer and automatic mode, the PAC 2610 S mobile air conditioner offers you convenient control from the seat, pre-planned switching on or off and independent cooling depending on the room temperature. Target value input: automatically maintains the desired room temperature To achieve quick cooling in the room, simply set the desired air temperature value in the range from 16 ° C to 31 ° C, and the air conditioner cools down the room air accordingly. In order to keep the preset temperature value permanently, the cooling compressor switches off automatically as soon as the preset target temperature is reached. The device only begins to cool down again when the desired temperature is exceeded. As a result, the efficient air conditioner works in a pleasantly economical and economical manner.. Fan function – with and without cooling In addition, the air conditioner PAC 2610 S has a two-stage adjustable fan blower and with its air volume of up to 320 m³ / h ensures fresh wind and gentle air circulation in the room – even without activating the cooling compressor. The direction of the airflow can be adjusted manually with the horizontal air flaps so that the fresh breeze arrives exactly where you want it. In addition, the air filter integrated on the back of the device filters lint, dust flakes and animal hair from the room air – an advantage not only for allergy sufferers! Sultry and oppressive indoor air? Dehumidification helps! In summer, not only the heat but also too high humidity is often very stressful for the body. With a dehumidification performance of 0.8 liters per hour, oppressive and humid air is actively extracted from moisture and a noticeably more comfortable climate is created in the room. In addition, the integrated dehumidification function also prevents unhealthy mould growth, so use as a dehumidifier is recommended all year round, not only in summer. Due to the internal condensate recycling, the collecting container only has to be emptied very rarely, since the condensed water is used to cool the condenser via an intelligent recycling system and thus a large part of it simply evaporates. Mobile and flexible instead of drilling and dowelling Whether in the bedroom, in the living room or in the study – if you would like to place the PAC 2610 S mobile air conditioner in another room, it can be easily moved from one place to another with its smooth transport wheels. In contrast to permanently installed air conditioning systems, you can always use a mobile air conditioning unit exactly where cooling is needed – without drilling, screwing or doweling. You only need to fix the exhaust hose included in the scope of delivery in a window or door opening, and you can start to cool down the room! In order to prevent warm outside air from entering the room to be cooled through the slightly opened windows or doors, we offer the AirLock window and door seals as optional accessories. So you cool with even more efficiency. Very conveniently by remote control All functions and settings of the PAC 2610 S air conditioner can not only be carried out directly on the device on the LED control panel, but also without getting up by remote control. Comfortable timer function The practical 24-hour timer enables individual switching on and off after a preset time. For example, in the office you can ensure that the air conditioner switches off automatically at the end of the day. Conversely, you can e.g. also wake up in the morning with pleasant cooling to start the day refreshed. Tip for restful sleep: If you want to fall asleep on warm summer nights with gentle cooling, you can use the timer to set the air conditioner to switch itself off after some time to prevent the body from cooling down at night. 365 days of wellbeing The 3 functions of air conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification can be used independently of each other, making the multi-talent PAC 2610 S recommended for year-round use. Propan (R290) as an environmentally friendly refrigerant in air conditioning systems Every year, synthetic refrigerants release several million tons of environmentally harmful CO2 emissions (greenhouse gases) into the air. Therefore, the use of alternative refrigerants is one of our most important goals. With the use of propane (R290) as a refrigerant, this air conditioner makes a valuable contribution to climate protection. The natural refrigerant propane (R290) is an organic compound and is one of the hydrocarbons. In contrast to synthetic refrigerants, environmentally friendly propane (R290) has neither ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0) nor a significant greenhouse effect (GWP = 3). Additional plus for the environment: Due to its excellent thermodynamic properties, propane (R290) is a particularly energy-efficient refrigerant and thus additionally reduces your energy costs. Note: No cooling without hose! Do not let yourself be confused by pictures of the air-conditioners, which suggest a completely tubeless application – at least one hose is indispensable, even if you do not always see it!Why? Professional home air-conditioning systems world-wide are all compression refrigeration systems. And these generate as much cold as heat – unalterable physics. The generated cold is desired in the room, but the heat is not. That’s why it has to go outside. In the case of split devices, it is automatically outside, because here, the heat is dissipated directly in the external condenser. Nevertheless, these devices also require a connection line for the circulating refrigerant, which ensures the refrigeration transport. With monoblock construction, the heat is central in the unit and must therefore be directed to the outside without mixing it again with the interior air. For this purpose, at least one exhaust air hose is used, which is therefore a fixed delivery component of every monoblock air-conditioning unit available on the market, even if it is not directly apparent in every application illustration. Benefits in practice:
  • Suitable for rooms up to 34 m² / 85 m³
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • 2.6 kW cooling capacity
  • 3 operating modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification
  • 2 ventilation levels
  • Adjustable air discharge direction
  • Target value preselection in the range from 16 ° C to 31 ° C
  • Energy-saving operation due to automatic switching off / on when the target value is reached / exceeded
  • 24 hour timer
  • Remote control + intuitive LED display
  • Removable air filter against animal hair, fluff, dust flakes
  • Quiet operation <53 dB (A)
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290

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