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Air conditioner PAC 3900 X

Triple power for more freshness: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification

A comfortable range of functions and cooling technology of the latest generation make the multi-functional air conditioner PAC 3900 X a true all-rounder. Whether cool, ventilate or dehumidify: the ultra-compact air conditioner masters all the requirements of an optimal indoor climate with flying colours.

With a cooling capacity of 3.9 kW, the air conditioning unit of the PAC series is recommended as a cooling solution for large rooms up to 130 m³. In addition to reliable cooling on hot days, the PAC 3900 X also filters and dehumidifies the air in the room, providing a breath of fresh air.

On request in three ventilation levels and with swing function, for optimum air distribution in the room.


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Functions of PAC 3900 X

Refreshingly more comfort. As flexible as possible.

The PAC 3900 X features state-of-the-art microprocessor control with a variety of custom programmable functions. Optionally, the device also takes over the regulation of the room climate on its own. Even the energy costs are automatically reduced by the intelligent air conditioning unit by automatically switching off the air conditioning compressor and fan when the preset target temperature is reached.

Savings tip! The operating modes ventilation and dehumidification can also be selected with the cooling function deactivated. Thus, the 3-in-1 air conditioner PAC 3900 X can be used all year round to create a pleasant and healthy living environment – at the same time lower power consumption. This reduces the energy consumption of the already economical device noticeably and makes the purchase of a separate dehumidifier or fan superfluous.

An hourly operation, as well as the automatic switching on and off of the device, allows the integrated timer function. For a restful sleep and the necessary regeneration of the body provides the pleasantly quiet night function with an adapted temperature control.

More time for the essentials! The set operating parameters such as device mode, target temperature and ventilation intensity remain stored after the device has been switched off and are automatically taken over the next time the device is switched on. Combined with a timer, the PAC 3900 X is ideal for creating an optimal indoor climate in offices or private rooms, unattended and at fixed times.

The PAC 3900 X monoblock air conditioner can be controlled either via the supplied IR remote control or via the clearly arranged membrane keypad control panel on the device.

Installation and Maintenance of the PAC 3900 X

Ready to use in a jiffy.

The pre-assembled air filter can be easily removed and cleaned if necessary. The moisture is collected as condensate in a collection container. A permanent condensate drain can be connected on the back if required.

Tip: Use the convenient AirLock window or door seal to attach the supplied exhaust hose. This ensures a cold-loss-free window or door leadthrough and allows the hose to be attached to any type of window (sash, tilt, roof pitched window) or door (sash or tilt door). The AirLock increases the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner and reduces the consumption costs.

Mobile, space saving, low maintenance

Small in size, flexible in use, smart design.

Today in the bedroom, tomorrow in the living room? No problem, the relocation is done easily and quickly thanks to the smooth running wheels and the ergonomically shaped recessed grip. The practical cable rewind simplifies the trouble-free storage of the device after the cooling season.


Weight35 kg
Dimensions47 × 40 × 76 cm


Benefits for the practice:

  • Energy efficiency class A
  • 3.9 kW cooling capacity
  • Three operating modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification
  • Three ventilation levels
  • Timer function
  • Practical LED display
  • Easy to clean membrane keypad
  • Display of room temperature
  • Swing function for optimal air distribution
  • IR remote control
  • Removable air filter
  • Noise emission according to EN ISO 3745:2012: 65 dB(A)
  • Noise level stage 1 (distance 1m): 52,5 dB(A
  • Quiet operation <53 dB (A)


Download  PAC 3900 X Manual