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Product Code: 1210002012

Local Air Conditioning PAC 2100 X


Estimated delivery on 27 September - 15 October, 2021

The ‘Clever’ amongst the mobile air-conditioning systems

Thanks to the clever power-saving function, the 3-in-1 air-conditioning system saves money even in the most extreme heat.

Thanks to the energy saving function, the PAC 2100 X reduces costs

Great, when you have the PAC 2100 X at home already before the next heat wave comes. In addition to the automatic cooling system, the comfortable multitalented also has a dehumidifying and ventilation function. With its 2 kW power the energy efficiency class A is ideal for residential and commercial spaces up to a size of 65 m³.

Here are some practical advantages at a glance:

  • Energy efficiency class A
  • 2 kW cooling capacity
  • Three operating modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification
  • Two fan stages
  • Timer function
  • Convenient LED display
  • Display of room temperature
  • Easy-care membrane key panel
  • Adjustable air discharge direction
  • IR remote control
  • Sealing set for sliding windows
  • Air cleaning function (animal hair, lint, dust)
  • Quiet operation <53 dB (A)


Estimated delivery on 27 September - 15 October, 2021
Local Air Conditioning PAC 2100 X

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