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NEW wall-mounted air conditioner PAC-W 2600 SH

Pac W 2600 SH


NEW wall-mounted air conditioner PAC-W 2600 SH : monoblock 4-in-1 air conditioner without outdoor unit – cools, heats, ventilates and dehumidifies

Simply flying off on summer holidays is likely to be difficult this year of the corona virus too. As an alternative, we’re making ourselves as comfortable as possible at home – and with the new wall-mounted air conditioner PAC-W 2600 SH, we’re answering the hot summer question: ‘Are you still sweating or are you already alive?’ Because with this powerful wall-mounted unit for fixed installation, staying in living rooms and bedrooms becomes bearable even at tropical outside temperatures. And best of all: without the otherwise usual unsightly outdoor unit and without an exhaust hose. Even better: the device combines four climate functions at once, which saves you buying several separate units!


Once mounted on the wall and adjusted, the PAC-W 2600 SH NEW PRODUCT regulates the room temperature fully automatically. With a powerful cooling capacity of 2.6 kW/9.000 Btu/h, the air conditioner cools heated living rooms, bedrooms and offices measuring up to 34 m² or 85 m³ to the desired temperature (16 °C to 30 °C) on hot summer days. In the cool transition period of autumn and in the cold winter, the all-rounder, with its 2.0 kW powerful heating output provides heat (16 °C to 30 °C) that spreads quickly through the room.

Immediately noticeable freshness and cooling on the skin is provided by the three-stage ventilation mode with deactivated cooling or heating function.

The switchable swing function ensures that the tempered air is distributed over a large area. The manual selectable dehumidification function, with an output of 1.2 l/h enables the humidity to be optimally regulated. And on top of that, the 4-in-1 air conditioner offers a level of comfort that is impressive and worth seeing, because it is equipped with a 24-hour timer, a whisper-quiet night mode, a convenient dehumidification mode, three-stage adjustable ventilation, as well as a convenient app control.

Here’s how it works

The modern, all-white air conditioner cools without an external heat exchanger unit, which is why there is no need to set up a refrigerant circuit between the air conditioning system and the external unit. Therefore, no trained air conditioning installers or technicians are required for setting up. Installation in rented or owner-occupied apartments is generally possible without any problems – even on the 10th floor, since installation is carried out from the indoors. Only two drill holes (∅ 18 cm) on a wall leading to the outside are necessary to install the air conditioner on the wall. Fresh air enters the room through these air inlet and outlet ducts and, in return, heat is transported from the inside to the outside.

The air conditioner PAC‑W 2600 SH, which is pleasantly energy-efficient thanks to the latest inverter technology, directly combines four climate functions in its SlimLine housing, which is only 20 cm deep, in order to create a pleasant living room climate all year round. This saves you having to buy several separate or individual devices to provide cooling in the hot summer weather and cosy, additional warmth in the cool fall and winter seasons. And it’s also good to know: air conditioners with inverter technology are quieter and more economical in consumption. This is because the compressor starts up gently and always adapts to the current conditions. Thanks to the inverter technology, the PAC-W 2600 SH saves up to 30 % energy compared to a product without an inverter.

Four of the many advantages we particularly like:

  • the 4-in-1 air conditioner with cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification
  • the ultra-slim wall-mounted device without outdoor unit – not an eyesore on the house
  • the low installation effort
  • the Wi-Fi integration and smartphone control with mobile app