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NR 19 MultiQube Sound Suppressor

External NR 19 MultiQube sound absorber for insulation layer drying installations. Universally applicable. Noise reductions of 14 to 19 dB are possible with the NR 19 MultiQube.

Modern side channel compressors are generally much more noise proof than they used to be, but due to their design they still generate a turbine-like noise which local resident often perceive as being very unnerving. Even the quietest of drying aggregates still does little to improve the situation.


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Trotec NR sound absorbers spare your clients the distress of being subjected to needless levels of noise – a blessing your clients will long remember you for!

Extensive field testing carried out with compressors from leading manufacturers resulted in significant reductions in noise!

The all-purpose NR19 MultiQube – which is also especially well-suited for use with the Trotec insulation drying units – can achieve a considerable reduction in noise levels without back pressure; a reduction in noise of between 14 and19 dB is possible when using the NR19 MultiQube!

Benefits of silencer:

  • Noise reduction between 14 and 19 dB possible
  • No power loss and no back pressure
  • Compatible with many other common compressor models
  • Can be used universally with 38 mm and 50 mm hoses
  • For compressor operation using ­under and overpressure
  • Special design for steady stacking with same-source MultiQube system components
  • 100 % recyclable
Weight3.4 kg
Dimensions37.8 × 37.8 × 13.2 cm


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