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Odour eliminator AirgoPro® 8

Odour neutralisation directly at the source

Odours can be a nuisance that should not be underestimated. But there are causes for odour nuisance that cannot be easily removed with “standard cleaning”, because this way only the surfaces can be reached, but not the odour-producing microparticles, which can be found everywhere in the material, ceilings etc.

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With the AirgoPro®8 every celebration leaves only good memories instead of bad smells

Where people celebrate, indoor air and furniture are infused with different smells hour by hour. Whether alcohol, tobacco smoke, food or body odours, everything is combined overnight to form an olfactory cocktail of a particularly penetrating type. The AirgoPro®8 effectively remedies this: Set up and switched on directly during or at the end of the event, so the next morning there is nothing to smell of the nightly celebration. Everything smells pleasantly fresh, as if nothing had happened.

Effective overnight refreshing – ideal for gastronomy and the hotel industry

From the hotel bar to the lobby to the breakfast room, nobody wants to be greeted by the unpleasant smells of the previous night in the new morning. With the AirgoPro®8 you give your guests a fresh start to the day, because this odour neutralizer reliably removes all the smells of the evening before, so that everything smells fresh again in the morning.

Flexible odour neutralization for many commercial applications

Professional service providers and tradesmen are also confronted with odour nuisances from a wide variety of sources on a daily basis: whether paint, glue or varnish evaporation as a result of conversion or renovation measures, the smell of decomposition of small animals or birds that have strayed and died in cavities, animal or tobacco smell when processing used vehicles, and smell of putrefaction from standing water, dried-up food leftovers, used rooms as well as in collection areas for kitchen waste or garbage.

Switch on AirgoPro®8, switch off odour source

The AirgoPro®8 is exactly the right solution for a large number of such odour problems, because this professional odour neutraliser can be used flexibly and convinces with effective odour removal at a level of performance that commercial applications require in practice – the AirgoPro®8 was specially designed for this purpose .

With a timer, operating hours counter and application-specific pre-selection for three ventilation and five intensity levels, the AirgoPro®8 has all the features that you can expect from a professional odour neutraliser. Nevertheless, the device is pleasantly light, extremely compact and very robust in construction from the controller to the housing – ideal conditions for frequent changes of user and place of use, for example in material-consuming rental use.

Effective functional principle for odour neutralisation

Odour neutralisers of the AirgoPro® series are plasma field ionisers, whose operating principle is comparable to that of ozone generators based on dielectric barrier discharges, but works with less energy input.

In the device, the air passed through is subject to an electrical glow discharge (ionisation), whereupon fission products are only generated as reactive oxygen species within the fixed plasma: singlet oxygen and its modifications, as well as atomic oxygen as a free radical, including a leading product for ozone generation.

These free oxygen radicals are characterised by a high oxidation potential, which is why the odour particles, pollutants, bacteria and microorganisms present in the sucked-in air are subjected to an oxidative degradation, which is further supported by the presence of hydroxyl radicals. When operated in ventilated rooms and at a distance of approx. 2 m from the ion source, plasma field ionisers also allow the presence of people.

The AirgoPro®8 is very easy to use and offers many advantages, especially compared to conventional cleaning methods:

  • Automated treatment deployment without staff retention
  • Very time-saving procedure
  • Also suitable for unscheduled rapid deployments
  • Works even in hard-to-reach places that are often not reached with mechanical processes
  • Can be used practically at any desired location – a socket is sufficient
  • Residue-free odour removal without chemicals

Exemplary uses of the AirgoPro®8:

  • Overnight refreshing of hotel bars, dining rooms or breakfast rooms
  • Odour neutralisation in celebration rooms after events, company parties etc.
  • Elimination of mould, putrefaction or mould smell
  • Odour neutralisation after apartment dissolutions
  • Treatment of “Messy apartments” or used rooms
  • Elimination of paint, adhesive or paint odours after renovation work

Practical advantages:

  • Development, design, manufacturing: 100% Trotec
  • Flexible professional solution for effective odour neutralisation
  • Robust construction, specially designed for mobile rental use
  • Clear control panel – easy handling
  • Timer function for preselecting the treatment duration
  • Operating hours counter to record the duration of use
Weight4.13 kg
Dimensions35 × 23 × 25 cm


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