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Oil radiator TRH 21 E

Optimal solution for clean heat for transition or additional heating

The TRH 21 E provides pleasant warmth shortly after switching on, as the full heating capacity is reached after only 8 minutes. Even after switching off, it pampers you with an extra-long heat output: The TRH 21 E oil radiator is always an effective heating alternative due to its 11 ribbed storage tank filled with liquid heating medium – and is ideally suited for almost every use in the private environment.


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Oil radiators work more efficiently and cleaner than fan heaters and are also faster than a normal heating system. As the TRH 21 E works without a fan, it does not raise dust and is therefore very well tolerated by allergy sufferers.

With its strong and silent heating power, which can be called up in 3 heating stages, the TRH 21 E is a reliable partner, for example as additional heating on cold winter days or as temporary basic heating, for example of garages or cellars. The radiator also cuts a good figure as a frost monitor – and a good value for money, because the infinitely variable thermostat ensures that energy costs stay within the green range.

To ensure the safety of the user around the clock, the oil radiator is equipped not only with an overheating protection but also with a tilting protection that prevents the device from remaining in operation in case of a fall. Thanks to the operation indicator light, it is also possible to see at any time whether the unit is in operation or not.

A further practical feature is the cable rewind with plug receptacle, which makes it child’s play to keep things tidy at all times. In addition, the integrated rollers and a carrying handle ensure safe transport to exactly the place where the heat is needed, even when hot.

How oil radiators provide effective heat

With their heating fins, oil radiators look very similar to ‘normal’ heating systems, but unlike these, they use electricity to heat the oil inside. The so-called thermal oil is heated by the electricity and gives off the heat to the air in the room via the heating fins. By the way, oil radiators are usually equipped with heating fins because they have a larger surface area, which makes heating very effective. Since the devices are mobile, they can be placed in any room exactly where heat is needed.

Advantages for the practice of TRH 21 E

  • 2.500 W heating power
  • 3 heating levels
  • Effective 11-rib radiator
  • Only 8 minutes heating time
  • Heat accumulator with liquid heat medium
  • Continuously adjustable thermostat
  • Frost monitor function
  • Silent heating
  • Overheating and tilting protection
  • Operation indicator light
  • Practical cable rewind
  • Integrated rollers and carrying handle
Weight8 kg
Dimensions12 × 48 × 50 cm


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