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Oil radiator TRH 23 E

Heat up cooler temperatures faster

I’m sure you know this one! Outside it’s storming and snowing and even in the living room or bedroom it doesn’t really want to get warm despite the booming heating. One shivers within one’s own four walls and longs for cosy warmth. Just as unpleasant are cool days in the transition period, when the weather is unstable and the main heating is switched off. Then it freezes you despite a blanket on the sofa and cold feet are pre-programmed. In such situations it is good to have already made provisions and with the TRH 23 E oil radiator, a powerful heat source is available that provides pleasant warmth quickly and reliably.


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Cost-effective dual heat for basic and additional heating – with PTC turbo-blower

Feel-good warmth with turbo blower and reheating effect

It gets warm particularly quickly with the additional turbo-blower support of the heater. Since oil radiators, in comparison to fan heaters, require approx. 8 to 10 minutes to emit the full heat output when they are started up, the TRH 23 E has a ceramic PTC heating element with turbo fan, which heats the room in advance in lightning speed. So you can enjoy warm air even before the radiator develops its full heat output.

Good to know: Modern oil radiators are still equipped with the proven heating fins, as this design ensures a maximum heating surface with optimum heating performance and effectiveness. The thermal oil used in the radiator is an excellent thermal energy store, so even after the heater has been switched off, you will still be pampered for up to 30 minutes with a lasting heat output.

From the continuous heating to the frost monitor

With its 3-stage adjustable heating capacity, the TRH 23 E provides thermostat-controlled temperatures in the range of 10 – 35 °C. The oil radiators work completely silently, odourlessly and without dust being whirled up without a fan being switched on, and are therefore also well suited for use in households with allergies or in the bedroom.

The two mobile radiators are also recommended for heating irregularly used rooms such as conservatories, guest rooms, garden sheds or even workshops or offices. In unheated garages and cellars, the radiators also act as frost monitors to reliably protect against frozen water pipes and other frost damage.

Effective dual heating technology for faster warm-up

When it’s cold, only one thing counts: rapid warmth, which can be felt as easily and directly as possible. This and more is guaranteed by the dual heating technology consisting of long-lasting thermal oil heat and directly heating hot air blower.

The turbo for fast heat: switchable ceramic PTC heater fan

In contrast to conventional radiators, where the room air heats up after a few minutes as the heating fins heat up, the TRH 23 E oil radiator has an additional PTC heating element with turbo fan. The cold room air is drawn in via an air inlet, electrically heated inside the unit with the ceramic PTC heating element and then blown out into the room again via the turbo fan on the left and right side of the unit. This extra hot air noticeably accelerates the initial heating of the room until the thermal oil in the oil radiator develops its full heating power within approx. 8 to 10 minutes. Of course, the turbo blower can also be switched on as required or remain switched off.

Thermostat control keeps heating costs under control

Enjoy pleasant temperatures – the heater automatically regulates the heat output and energy consumption! As soon as the desired temperature level is set by the infinitely variable control thermostat, the TRH 23 E takes over the helm in a way that is both comfortable and energy-saving. When the desired room temperature is reached, the oil radiator switches off automatically and the heater switches to the lowest heating level with reduced energy consumption. The turbo-blower is then also switched off automatically. If the temperature drops below the pre-selected value, the radiator switches on again automatically and heats at the pre-selected heating level.

This temperature control is automatic, the room temperature always remains at a constant level. A positive side effect: Overheating of the room is impossible and you do not waste unnecessary energy costs.

How oil radiators provide effective heat

Oil radiators are intended for permanent use because they can fully replace a radiator. With their heating fins, oil radiators look very similar to ‘normal’ heating systems, but unlike these, they use electricity to heat the oil inside. The so-called thermal oil is heated by the electricity and gives off the heat to the air in the room via the heating fins. By the way, oil radiators are usually equipped with heating fins because they have a larger surface area, which makes heating very effective. Since the devices are mobile, they can be placed in any room exactly where heat is needed.

The operating principle of an oil radiator

Why is a radiator actually filled with oil and not with water? The reason is that water expands when heated and also does not store heat as well. The thermal oil used to fill radiators has a much higher storage capacity. Even when the oil radiator is switched off, it still emits heat for another good half hour.

The TRH 23 E has an additional hot air blower integrated in the radiator. This allows the approx. 8 to 10-minute heating phase of the thermal oil to be bridged by the warm air blown out by the fan..

Because the thermal oil is also a good insulator, heating resistors can be immersed directly in the oil, which makes the heat exchange even more effective. In addition there is the weight argument, because oil is lighter than water. This makes an oil radiator much lighter and transportable.

Modern heating technology that provides security

Especially in families with children or animals, securing mobile heating solutions plays an important role. Maximum operational safety is a fundamental design principle of the TRH 23 E oil radiator!

Integrated toggle switch and overheating protection

Whether romping children, boisterous pets or careless guests – the two heaters have a safe stand thanks to their wide castors. Should the oil radiators start to wobble in the heat of battle, the built-in toggle switch switches the appliance off fully automatically.

A safety thermostat also reliably prevents the operating temperature from being exceeded, which can happen, for example, if the radiator is covered by jackets or other clothing. In this case, the overheating protection ensures that the appliance is switched off immediately.

Mobile heat for every room

Thanks to the practical cable storage with plug receptacle, both devices can be transported safely without the 1.4 metre long power cable becoming a dangerous tripping hazard.

The smooth-running castors and the integrated transport handle allow a quick and flexible change of location. The two mobile radiators can thus be taken from one room to another in a flash, even when hot.

Whether as basic heating, quick additional heat or practical frost monitor – the TRH 23 E oil radiator is recommended in autumn, winter and spring as an economical heating solution for comfortable room heating.

Advantages for the practice of TRH 23 E

  • 2.500 W heating power for fast and comfortable warmth
  • 3 heating levels TRH 23 E: 1,000 W / 1,500 W / 2,500 W
  • Effective 11-rib radiators
  • Short heating time: full heat output in max. 8 – 10 minutes
  • Additional PTC heating element with turbo blower
  • Heat accumulator with liquid heat medium: long heat even after switching off
  • Continuously adjustable thermostat
  • Frost monitor function
  • Silent heating (when the fan is not running)
  • Maximum safety thanks to overheating and tilting protection
  • Operation indicator light
  • Practical cable winder for quick order
  • Integrated rollers and recessed grip for safe transport even when hot
Weight10 kg
Dimensions12.5 × 49 × 58 cm


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