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Oil radiator TRH 26 E

Mobile radiator with 11 ribs and remote control – for cosy warmth with post-heating effect

The convenient heating solution

Whether in the uncomfortably cool transitional period or in the icy winter – with the TRH 26 E oil radiator you can enjoy cuddly warm temperatures.


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You have the choice: black or white
The oil radiators TRH 25 E and TRH 26 E are technically identical in construction, but differ in colour. The TRH 25 E is completely in attractive black and is fully in line with the latest trends and sets a stylish visual accent in the living or office environment. The TRH 26 E, on the other hand, is presented in classically elegant white – ideal, for example, in the bathroom or for bright home furnishings. Regardless of the colour: with 11 heating fins, 3 heating levels and a heating capacity of 2,500 watts, both mobile oil radiators develop their maximum heat output in rooms of up to 30 m² or 75 m³ after only 8 minutes. The practical remote control as well as the 12h timer function provide special comfort. The modern LED display sets a visual accent in both models and clearly shows you the preset desired room temperature.

Ideal as additional heating, for continuous heating or as frost monitor
With its 3-stage adjustable heat output (1,000 W / 1,500 W / 2,500 W), the mobile heater TRH 26 E provides thermostat-controlled temperatures in the range of 15 – 35 °C. The oil radiator works completely silently, odourlessly and without raising dust and is therefore also suitable for use in households with allergies or in the bedroom.

The mobile radiator is also recommended for heating irregularly used rooms such as conservatories, guest rooms, garden sheds or even workshops or offices. In unheated garages and cellars, the radiator also provides reliable protection against frozen water pipes and other frost damage as a frost monitor.

Good to know: Modern oil radiators are still equipped with the proven heating fins, as this design ensures a maximum heating surface with optimum heating performance and effectiveness. The thermal oil used in the radiator is an excellent thermal energy store, so that even after the heater has been switched off, you will still be pampered for up to 30 minutes with a continuous heat output.

Thermostat-controlled comfort temperatures

The room temperature should always be increased carefully. After all, overheating the room not only has a negative effect on the room climate – every additional degree of room temperature also costs on average about 6 percent more in energy costs. Intelligent and energy-saving, the TRH 26 E ensures comfortably warm room temperatures in the range of 15 °C to 35 °C. Simply set the desired target temperature easily and conveniently using the digital thermostat with real value input on the device or the remote control supplied with the device. The oil radiator then regulates the heating output and energy consumption fully automatically. When the desired temperature is reached, the heater switches off automatically. If the temperature drops below the preset value, the radiator switches on again for reheating without your intervention. This is not only convenient, the sensor-controlled temperature regulation also saves a lot of energy costs!

Precisely planned room temperatures: 12-hour timer
The 12-hour timer, which can be programmed in 1-hour steps, is as energy-saving as it is practical, allowing you to adapt the switch-on and switch-off time of the oil radiator to your own daily routine. Whether you are in the office after closing time or at home at the end of a crime thriller evening, you can always be sure that the heater will switch off after the preset operating time without you having to worry about it

Stable safety advantages
Whether playing children, overconfident pets or careless guests: nothing throws the TRH 26 E off track so quickly. This is ensured by the wide, smooth-running castors, which guarantee a safe stand. In the unlikely event that the radiator does start to sway, an integrated toggle switch automatically deactivates the appliance. In addition, a safety thermostat prevents the operating temperature from being exceeded, which can happen, for example, if carelessly deposited clothing covers the heater.

Flexible use across rooms
With its smooth-running castors and integrated equipment handle, the TRH 26 E is recommended for alternating use in different rooms, even when hot. To prevent the mains cable from becoming a dangerous tripping hazard when changing locations, the device has a practical cable winder.

The oil radiator TRH 26 E convinces with its attractive appearance, long-lasting heat output and pleasant comfort – simply ideal for temporary as well as permanent heating of small to medium-sized rooms.

Advantages for the practice:

  • 2.500 W heating power for fast and comfortable warmth
  • 3 heating levels (1,000 W / 1,500 W / 2,500 W)
  • IR remote control
  • 12-hour timer function
  • LCD display
  • 11 heating fins
  • Short heating time: full heat output in 8 minutes
  • Heat accumulator with thermal oil: long heat even after switching off
  • Thermostat adjustable in 1 degree steps with temperature preselection
  • Frost monitor function
  • Silent heating
  • Maximum safety thanks to overheating and tilting protection
  • Operation indicator light
  • Practical cable winder for quick order
  • Integrated wheels and carrying handle for safe transport even when hot
Weight9.5 kg
Dimensions24 × 47 × 60 cm


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