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Oxygen Regenerator Zerozon 200

Indoor ozone treatment is an equally effective and proven method for large-scale disinfection applications or for the effective removal of odours after fire and water damage.

Until now, however, it has been necessary after each treatment to wait for the lengthy process of ozone depletion, in which the unoxidized ozone in the room slowly decomposes into oxygen again in a natural way. This is because the previously treated rooms can only be entered again without risk once the levels fall below the prescribed limits.

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Mission: Zero Ozone – The Zerozon 200 breaks down residual ozone in ozonized rooms up to ten times faster than natural ozone decay requires

In the natural decay method without technical oxygen regeneration, the specific half-life of ozone determines the decay process. Under typical conditions, the half-life of ozone in indoor rooms is usually 30 to 60 minutes, which means that the ozone concentration in the room air is only halved naturally hour after hour. The larger the treated room and the stronger the ozone disinfector used, the higher the ozone concentration in the room and the more time-consuming the natural decomposition process.

Particularly in the case of regular disinfection applications in the same rooms, there is also the fact that the application-related reagent reduction inevitably leads to ever longer ozone depletion phases, i.e. the waiting time until safe reusability becomes longer and longer and thus the loss of use more and more expensive.

Although effective cross-ventilation could also accelerate ozone depletion, the treated rooms are rarely equipped with the necessary ventilation facilities, such as hotel rooms with secured windows or windowless cellar, storage and archive rooms.

Longer treatment duration, longer loss of use, higher costs – the innovative Zerozon 200 reduces all these factors at a stroke

The longer the treated rooms cannot be used again, the higher the costs for the loss of use. The worldwide unique oxygen regenerator Zerozon 200 is the innovative solution for accelerated ozone depletion after ozonization with ozone disinfectors of the Airozon® Professional series.

The Zerozon 200 enables technical oxygen regeneration in ozone-polluted rooms and thus significantly accelerates their economic reusability. With the Zerozon 200 ozone-deposited rooms can be safely entered and used again after only a tenth of the time required for natural ozone decomposition, depending on the operating conditions!

Unique master-slave solution for accelerated ozone depletion – exclusively available only from Trotec

The Zerozon 200 was specially designed for combined use with all ozone disinfectors of the Airozon® Professional series. For this purpose, the Zerozon 200 is equipped with a dedicated power supply as well as a control console for the connected Airozon®-Professional unit, thus enabling synchronised combined operation of both units. Alternatively, standalone operation of the Zerozon 200 is also possible.

In Airozon® combined operation, the Zerozon 200 automatically switches off the coupled Airozon® device after the configured treatment duration has been reached and automatically starts technical oxygen regeneration. For this purpose, the Zerozon 200 can be equipped with powerful special filters that accelerate catalytic ozone reduction.

This special process for ozone decomposition using Zerozon 200 and original fleece-coated catalytic filters from Trotec enables a decomposition process that is up to 10 times faster than natural decomposition!

Through the combined use of the Zerozon 200, blatantly shorter treatment times can be achieved and the treated areas can be re-entered and used much earlier!

Advantages for the practice:

  • Professional quality “made in Germany” – Original Trotec manufacture
  • Causes up to a factor of 10 faster decomposition after previous room ozonization compared to natural ozone decay
  • Compared to natural ozone depletion, Zerozon 200 allows ozone-depleted rooms to be safely re-entered after only a tenth of the time, depending on the conditions of use
  • Equipped with a dedicated power supply and a control panel especially for connected Airozon® Professional devices
  • Original fleece-coated special catalysis filters from Trotec for extremely fast ozone decomposition
  • Robust, multi-stackable construction – can also be stacked together with the Airozon® 20000 ozone disinfector
  • Can also be used in standalone operation
Weight15.2 kg
Dimensions54.7 × 37 × 40 cm


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