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Ozone Meter

Whether it is natural or technically produced near the ground, even at low concentrations, ozone in the ambient air has a high potential for damage. The observance of safe ozone limits is therefore not only required for the protection of health, but clearly regulated and prescribed by law in many countries.

With the OZ-ONE Ozone Meter, you have the optimum test instrument for fast and precise control or long-term monitoring of ozone concentrations in the ambient air.

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OZ-ONE – the name says it all: The first ozone measuring device that makes professional ozone measurement mobile in a new dimension affordable.

The OZ-ONE is characterized by very low cross-sensitivity to other gases or VOCs and convinces by fast measurement results with high accuracy even at very low ozone concentrations.

Many built-in features, such as ozone zeroing, the short-term and time-weighted average reference value option, and the switchable value display from ppm to μg / m³, make the responsive OZ-ONE an indispensable helper for accurate ozone load measurements.

In addition, this device is also a compact portable environmental measuring unit, with which also air temperature and humidity can be determined or dew point and wet bulb temperature can be calculated. At a glance, the dual display of this meter always shows you two readings at the same time.

For long-term measurements, the OZ-ONE can also be mounted on a tripod. In addition, the meter accommodates a mini-USB port as well as a 9 V hollow socket, so that a permanent mains operation is possible via these interfaces as an alternative to the battery insert. Last but not least, a power bank can also be connected to the mini USB port of the OZ-ONE if needed.

Benefits for the practice:

  • Fast and accurate detection of even very low ozone concentrations
  • Ozone reading in ppm or μg / m³
  • Fast reaction time
  • Low cross sensitivity to VOCs
  • Ozone nullification function
  • Ozone reference measurement (STEL / TWA)
  • Atmospheric pressure offset for high-precision standard cubic meter measurements
  • Measurement of air temperature and humidity
  • Calculation of dew point and wet bulb temperature
  • Offset setting for air temperature and humidity
  • Data Hold, Min, Max and Alarm functions
  • Display lighting
  • ¼-inch thread for tripod mount
  • In addition to battery and mains operation for continuous measurements possible
  • Energy-saving car shutdown
  • Including calibration certificate

The ozone meter OZ-ONE offers a variety of applications:

  • Workplace measurements in industry and trade
  • Environmental analysis
  • Review of production environments
  • Limit value controls after the use of ozone generators for odor neutralization or
  • Disinfection, for example in the hotel industry, the treatment of drinking water and in the fire and
  • Water damage restoration

Accuracy | relative humidity (%):

  • (± 5% RH (at 0% RH to 10% RH)); Accuracy (%): (5%)
  • (± 3% RH (at 10% RH to 70% RH)); Accuracy (%): (3%)
  • (± 5% rh (at 70% rh to 99.9% rh)); Accuracy (%): (5%)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm: 290x110x80
  • Weight in kg: 0.185


  • Measuring device
  • Batteries
  • Operation manual
  • Calibration certificate
  • Transport bag
Weight0.185 kg
Dimensions21 × 6 × 3 cm


Technical specifications:

  • Measured value min./max. (ppm) | Ozone (O3) (ppm): 0-1
  • Accuracy (ppm) | Ozone (O3) (ppm): <0.1ppm: +/- 0.02ppm, or +/- 10% of the current reading
  • Measured value min./max. (μg / m³) | Ozone (O3) (μg / m³): 0-1.996 (at 20 ° C and 1013 hPa)
  • Accuracy (μg / m³) | Ozone (O3) (μg / m³): <200 μg / m³: +/- 40 μg / m³, or +/- 10% of the current reading
  • Measuring range (° C) min./max. | Air temperature: 0-50
  • Resolution (° C) | Air temperature: 0.1
  • Accuracy (° C) ± | Air temperature: 0.6
  • Measuring range (° F) min./max. | Air temperature: 32-122
  • Resolution (° F) | Air temperature: 0.1
  • Accuracy (° F) ± | Air temperature: 1.2
  • Measuring range (%) min./max. | relative humidity: 0-99
  • Resolution (%) | relative humidity: 0.1


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