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PC220 Particle Counter


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Estimated delivery on 27 September - 18 October, 2021

The PC220 is an ergo­nomic, hand-held measuring device with a built-in photo and video func­tion, which allows the user to monitor air par­ticles and gather environ­mental data directly on the spot.

With its ISO 21501-4 conformity, the PC220 can be used for various measuring functions from testing cleanrooms and filter efficiency to monitoring burdens at workspaces and quality assurance.

A few practical benefits:

  • Particle counter with durable laser diode
  • Conforms with ISO 21501-4
  • 6 particle size channels from 0.3 to 10 μm
  • Detects size fractions and concentrations of air particles
  • Built in gas-detector for formaldehyde and carbon monoxide concertration
  • Direct conversion and indication of concentrations of E-dust and A-dust in the room air per cubic meter
  • Also measures environmental factors such as air temperature, humidity, dew and wet-bulb temperature
  • Data logger for 5000 measurements on the internal memory (optional memory expansion of up to 16 GB with a MicroSD card)
  • Integrated digital camera for photo and video documentation of the measured environment
  • Additional colour indicator display with automatic acoustic alarm for quick detection of critical particle concentrations
  • 2.8 inch colour LCD display with backlight for simultaneous display of all measured parameters
  • Ergonomic single-handed operation
  • Tripod mount for continuous measurement on a tripod
  • PC measurement data export via USB interface
  • Optional: calibration certificate


1 in stock

Estimated delivery on 27 September - 18 October, 2021
PC220 Particle Counter

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