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Garden pump TGP 1000 ES

Garden lovers know the problem: the larger the green area, the more complex is the irrigation of the lawn, beds, shrubs and trees. This is especially true in midsummer, when daily watering is necessary to quench the thirst of the plants and protect the lawn from drying out.

With the robust TGP 1000 ES stainless steel garden pump, Trotec offers you the right solution for reliable, effective and cost-saving garden irrigation or irrigation with alternative service water.


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Can be used for almost any alternative water source in home and garden

The 1,000 watt TGP 1000 ES garden pump can be switched on or off separately and, with a maximum suction head of 7 metres, pumps up to 3,300 litres per hour of free service water (rainwater, spring water, running water or ground water) from deeper-lying wells, streams, rainwater barrels, cisterns or other alternative water sources. It is ideal for supplying sprinklers, sprayers, showers or micro-drip systems with water at no charge for simultaneous irrigation or for pumping water from swimming pools, emptying water collection containers or transferring their contents. The water sucked in may contain particles up to 2 mm in size and can be transported up to a delivery height or distance of 42 metres.

The handy pump with practical carrying handle is ideal for mobile use in different places and, thanks to its weatherproof stainless steel housing, is also recommended for permanent fixed installation in rain-protected outdoor areas or in cellars. For operation at a fixed location, the stable pump base is equipped with holes for secure fastening.

Weatherproof stainless steel housing – Durable technology

The stainless steel housing of the TGP 1000 ES garden pump is splash-proof to IPX4 from all directions and is highly resistant to corrosion. It can even withstand a downpour and shines all year round! Nothing will rust here and even small impacts or extreme temperatures cannot harm the robust pump housing.

Complete solution ready for connection

Designed for maximum longevity, the garden pump has an extremely corrosion-resistant aluminium winding motor with a high-quality mechanical seal. The stable metal threads (max diameter BSP 1″ or 33.249 mm) of the suction and pressure connections allow the connection of flexible hose lines – the pump can also be connected to permanently installed pipelines with the corresponding diameter. The pump can be switched on and off manually with the switch on the side. Thanks to the large filling opening, filling the pump with a little water before starting up is particularly easy. During longer periods of storage, e.g. in winter, any residual water should be drained off using the water drain plug – this protects the TGP 1000 ES from possible frost damage.

Tested safety with overheating protection

When electricity and water meet, operational safety is of particular importance. With the TGP 1000 ES you play it safe. The pump has a thermal protection circuit that activates in the event of overheating and switches off the unit fully automatically. Better safe than sorry!

The all-round pump for versatile applications

With the garden pump TGP 1000 ES you save expensive drinking water from the first use and thus cash money on the annual water bill. After all, nature supplies unlimited quantities of rainwater and groundwater free of charge.

Garden irrigation – also with several sprinklers

The bigger the garden and the hotter the summer, the more water is needed for irrigation. Especially large lawns have an almost insatiable thirst for water. But also shrubs, plant beds and hedges must be protected from drying out in summer. The TGP 1000 ES allows you to use industrial water from wells, cisterns, rainwater barrels or other alternative water sources free of charge, for example to sprinkle the lawn with a sprinkler system, to water the flowers, hedges and shrubs with a garden hose or to supply the beds with vital water via a micro-drip irrigation system.

Cleaning work with high pressure cleanerFor high-pressure cleaning of terraces, pavements or natural stone walls, use service water pumped free of charge by the TGP 1000 ES. No drinking water quality is required for such work!

Car wash with water hoseThe TGP 1000 ES garden pump also enables vehicle washing with cold water. Clear rainwater is generally sufficient to remove coarse dirt from dirty vehicles with a water hose.

Pumping out swimming pools and poolsOutdoor pools and swimming pools enjoy great popularity in summer. But even the most beautiful summer comes to an end at some point and then the TGP 1000 ES helps you pump out to send the pool into the winter break.

Advantages for the practice:

  • Powerful 1,000 W output to pump up to 3,300 litres per hour
  • Maximum head: 42 m, suction height up to 7 m
  • Ideal for water extraction as well as for pumping over and out, e.g. for rainwater barrels, cisterns and garden ponds
  • Effortless irrigation of the garden in continuous operation until manual switch-off
  • Robust pump housing made of weatherproof stainless steel and high corrosion resistance due to aluminium winding motor
  • Sturdy metal threads on both suction and discharge side
  • High quality mechanical seal for long life
  • Maintenance-free motor with integrated thermal protection circuit in case of overheating
  • For pumping clear water with suspended particles up to 2 mm in size
  • IPX4 protection class for the pump – splash-proof from all directions
  • IP44 Protection class for the mains plug – splash-proof
  • connections pressure and suction line with 1″ BSP thread
  • User-friendly due to large filling opening for easy filling of the pump
  • Protection against the risk of frost – thanks to the water drain plug, residual water can be drained conveniently
  • Practical on/off switch
  • Integrated carrying handle for quick readiness for use in different locations
  • Sturdy pump base with holes for easy mounting
Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions21 × 33 × 20 cm


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