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PPE XtraSAN 500ml Hand & Surface Spray Bottle Black

PPE XtraSAN is a complex polymeric biocide in a ready to use aqueous solution providing rapid and ongoing antibacterial and antiviral action on treated surfaces and hands. The product is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-hazardous, non-flammable and environmentally friendly.


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Directions: Use to refill sanitising stations, spray bottles and hand foamers as required.
As a surface cleaner: Spray on to surface from a distance of 15-2ocm. Leave to act for up to 5 minutes. Wipe away any excess product if necessary with a damp cloth, sponge or paper towel.
As a hand sanitiser: Apply to hands, massage gently and allow to dry, or rinse with clean warm water if required.
Safety Information: See separate SDS sheet. Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All the information in the Data Sheet is based on practical experience and is published in good faith. However, because we have no control over the manner or conditions in which our products are used, or over work undertaken or end product manufactured by the purchaser, we cannot accept Liability for results. Responsibility for ascertaining the suitability of products for his purposes rests with the purchaser. All conditions, representations, statements, warranties or guarantees whatsoever, whether express, implied or statutory, in respect of any goods manufactured, sold or supplied by us are hereby expressly excluded and we accept no Liability in respect of any claim for damage or consequential Loss caused to any property arising directly or indirectly out of the use of our products or goods. Health and Safety information

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