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Professional room air purifier TAC V+ II

The high-frequency air purification of the TAC V+ll filters 99.995% of the pathogenic viruses from the room air and significantly reduces the risk of infection to a minimum. It offers visual, maintenance-free room air cleaning without disrupting operations.

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The HEPA H14 virus filter was specially developed by Trotec for the TAC V+ll  it offers 10 times higher separation than the conventional H13 filters. They are suitable for use in operating theatres and comparable hygiene-sensitive areas.

Benefits for practice:

  • Permanent air pollution control, virus and fine dust filtering in work zones
  • Unique in the world: Automatic filter regeneration through thermal virus decontamination of the specially developed, heat-resistant high-performance H14 class HEPA filter in accordance with EN 1822 ISO with a degree of separation of 99.995% and a particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 μm
  • “Plug & Play” – set up, plug in, switch on, done. Room filtration independent of existing air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Effective air filtration with F7 prefilter and H14 HEPA main filter
  • Air is cleaned using mechanical filter technology without generating dangerous ions, ozone or UV radiation.
  • Flowstop Discharge cover allow the clean air to be flooded into the desired air zones required
  • Simple operation: Fully automatic, low-maintenance round-the-clock operation
  • Resource-saving: 100% environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no installation effort
  • High-quality : original Trotec production, special virus filter with individual test and test certificates
  • Investment-saving
  • Flexible placement: Always set up the mobile TAC V + II where it is needed


6 air changes suitable for rooms sized up to 80 m² / 200m³


Conference rooms, offices, schools, restaurants, shops, fitness, studios, hospitals, medical practices, and waiting rooms.


■ The TAC V+ is equipped with a high flow filter of up to 1,200 [m3 / h].

■ Provides separation efficiency of 99.995% for particle sizes of 0.1 to 0.2um.

■ Combination of filtration & decontamination technology.

■ Fully automatic and low-maintenance operation.

■ Mobile carriage makes the unit easy to relocate.

■ The powerful air circulating fan, combined with the integrated F7 pre-filter system and H14 HEPA filter, guarantees to separate airborne germs, viruses and dust, bacteria, spores or microfibres.

■ Automatic filter regeneration due to thermal virus decontamination – self-cleaning function inactivating all viruses at regular intervals within 30 minutes.

■ Integrated dual intake air duct via an integral silencer – ideal for noise-sensitive areas.

■ Lower long-term maintenance costs result in longer filter lifetimes, fewer changes.

■ 100% environmentally friendly.

■ Stainless steel version for hygiene-sensitive areas.


“If you run this system [TAC V+] continuously, no one will manage to generate an aerosol concentration of an infectious level.”

Prof. Dr. Kähler University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich

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Dimensions69 × 61 × 130 cm



TAC V+ II  Spec EcoIS


TAC V+ ll Manual

TAC-V+ll Manual

Study : Dr. Christian Kähler_Study- Reduction of Inderect risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection