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Qube+ Insulation Dryer


With the Qube+, you can completely replace a comparable MultiQube tower with only one device, which also generates 20% more area coverage but is 50% lighter and 50% smaller at the same time.

This is why transport from the service vehicle to the damage centre is 100% faster. A multi-device installation with elaborate tubing is no longer required. Set up, connect, turn on – finished!

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With the Qube+, you can completely replace a comparable MultiQube tower with only one device, which also generates 20% more area coverage but is 50% lighter and 50% smaller at the same time.

This is why transport from the service vehicle to the damage centre is 100% faster. A multi-device installation with elaborate tubing is no longer required. Set up, connect, turn on – finished!

Additional devices are not required, as the Qube+ is equipped with everything: A powerful VX-5 turbines, a water separator, a 4-stage filter system and a powerful silencer – ultracompact in a sturdy, stackable aluminium construction multi-solution device with significantly more benefits and at the same time considerably less costs.

Your employees will also thank you: 50% less carrying, lifting, hauling, stacking – 100% less hassle, cable, lashing – 20% less installation!

Benefits for practice:

  • Proficiency “made in Germany” – Original Trotec fabrication
  • Replaces 4 units in one: water separator, HEPA filter, silencer and side channel compressor up to 3 kW power
  • Up to 75% smaller than competitive constructs
  • 50% less carrying, lifting, stacking
  • As fast and easy to install as no other system
  • Fully automatically always the most effective drying performance thanks to HiDry automatic
  • Colored performance control display via Optiflow-NT multifunction display
  • Additional HEPA filtration – cost-saving only when needed
  • Total weight only 27 kg

Worldwide unique integral solution:

  • VX-5 turbine
  • Water separator WA 4i
  • HEPA filter module
  • NR 19 Silencer

Everything is ready to be connected – lightweight, compact and powerful – in the world’s only integral solution on the market! The Qube+ defines our benchmark of the most energy-efficient insulation layer dryer as an economically and energetically superior solution for the entire industry.

The Qube offers you these advantages from market launch:

  • Up to 20% more surface area than a comparable MultiQube systems
  • Adaptive power control for flexible vacuum surface drying from 10 m² to 85 m²
  • Fast drying thanks to the world-wide unique HiDry automatic for all power levels
  • A Qube replaces 4 units: water separator, HEPA filter, silencer and all side channel compressors in the power classes from 0.4 kW to 3 kW
  • Flexible filter system with HEPA filter insert on demand reduces consumption costs
  • Up to 75% smaller than competitor solutions
  • 50% less to carry, lift, and stack
  • 100% faster and easier to install without time-consuming intermediate tubing
  • DA-4 interface for real-time remote monitoring of system status and drying progress
  • Optiflow-NT multifunctional display with clear text status and performance colour control
  • Digital counter for operating hours and energy consumption
  • Integrated thermal protection to prevent damage to dryers, inventory and building fabric
  • Night operation-Whisper mode
  • Wear-free touch panel

50% smaller than a comparable MultiQube installation and up to 75% smaller than competitive constructions
Small cause, great effect: Thanks to its ultracompact design, the Qube+ allows you up to 100% more work productivity and up to 300% more storage productivity.

“With the Qube+, all “practice time-eaters” can be eliminated at once – that way you profit from extreme productivity gains in the day-to-day renovating routine:
Reduce the number of devices and reduce the amount of storage needed in the service vehicle. Quickly load and unload, transport faster from the vehicle to the damaged area, install faster, reduce the time for installing and reduce the need for cleaning. The bottom line is that you can increase your work and warehouse productivity by using the Qube+ many times over!

Touch panel
The Qube+ offers you convenient fingerprint operation. No switch, no wear. Simply press the appropriate icon to configure your Qube+.

In addition to the plus-minus buttons for fast power level selection, the control panel also accommodates functions for an extra whisper mode as well as for the combined display of power consumption and operating hours.

On the Optiflow-NT multifunctional display of the Qube+ not only current operating status and volume flow – also in the dark or from the distance – the clear text display can be seen. Additionally the colour of the display lighting automatically shows how effectively the drying air can flow through the insulation layer during your installation.

Green confirms optimal volume flow, orange indicates boundary areas, and the air throughput for the surface is not sufficient for a red LED, so that an optimization of the structure is necessary for fast drying.

Night operation – whisper mode
In whisper mode the Qube+ is particularly silent, yet efficient. For sound level reduction is not simply effected by reducing the power, but by regulating it with noise-optimized emphasis to the optimum volumetric flow of power stage 1.

Once activated, the Qube+ operates in whisper mode for ten hours and then automatically switches back to the previously used power stage. Enormously handy for customers requiring maximally silenced background noise for a short time.

Sensor-assisted thermal protection function
An integrated sensor system monitors the internal air temperature of the Qube+ and automatically switches it off from the current level at stage 1 before destructive climatic conditions above 45°C are reached in the interior of the device, which could lead to material stress and thus shorten the life of the Qube+.

The temperature continues to be monitored and the Qube+ is then automatically switched back to normal operation in the event of falling temperatures. If, however, the temperature level remains critical for too long a period, the device will be switched off as a result of its protection.

This protection not only significantly extends the service life of your insulation dryers and dehumidifiers, but also prevents your customers from thermal damage to materials in the room and the building fabric.

TTKwic Mode
The Qube+ has all the water separator features of the WA 4i, including two TTKwic quick couplings for simple drainage connection of air dehumidifiers.

To ensure that the condensate is reliably pumped off via the TTKwic quick couplings, even if the Qube+ is switched off, you can switch the unit into TTKwic mode via the control panel. The engine is off in this mode, but the pump is still active.

Turbomotor with adaptively controlled performance
The Qube+ turbocharger, which can be controlled in four stages, reaches up to 20,000 rpm and guarantees maximum efficiency at any power stage, thanks to the integrated HiDry automatic system, the current flow rate is recorded in m³/h and the Qube+ is automatically controlled for optimal air flow.

A push-button pressure is sufficient, and the Qube+ alternatively switches to a higher performance class or, if necessary, to the extra-whisper mode.

HiDry automatism
Fully automatically always the most efficient drying performance
A motor power exceeding the demand does not speed up the drying process, instead it only increases wear and power consumption. The decisive performance variable for a quicker drying process is not motor power, but an unvaryingly high air passage through the insulation layer areas to be dried.

Therefore, the Qube+ comes equipped with the innovative HiDry automatic control system, which adjusts the performance not based on the resistance, but on volumetric flow, and so automatically ensures the most efficient performance in each stage for every drying installation.

Much like a “cruise control” in a car, the sensor-supported HiDry automatism dynamically and continuously adjusts the volumetric flow rate of the Qube to the pre-set optimum value of the respective power stage.

Whilst at the beginning of the drying process more motor power is required to maintain the volumetric flow at a relatively high resistance, the need for power falls continuously as the drying proceeds.

Over the entire drying period the HiDry automatism ensures that the Qube+’s turbo engine does not generate more power than needed to maintain the optimum volumetric flow.

The result: The quickest possible drying at minimum energy input!

Performance-optimized energy consumption

Unlike conventional side channel compressor turbines, the Qube+ turbo engine’s output and power consumption are always linear and directly interrelated:

When the performance level is cut back or the counter-pressure decreases, the power consumption is equally reduced. Plus the performance control is not effected based on resistance, but geared to the required volumetric flow.

Due to this technique, the Qube+, compared to side channel compressors, works more or less at the energy-saving eco tariff, especially during the final drying phase.

Always just as much power as you need:


  • Power stage 1: Ideal for economical drying of small surfaces. At this stage, the Qube+ performs as much as a 0.4 kW side-channel compressor, but consumes 70% less power!
  • Power stage 2: Corresponds to the performance of a 0.8 kW side channel compressor.
  • Power stage 3: The Qube+ is approximately 10% stronger than a side channel compressor with 1.1 to 1.3 kW power.
  • Power stage 4: Corresponds to 160% of the power of a 1.1 kW to 1.3 kW side channel compressor and 95% of the power of a 3 kW side channel compressor.


Stackable construction with telescopic push handle
The height-adjustable telescopic pushing handle can be retracted and extended at the push of a button. In this way, the handle height can be adapted to suit the user or for space saving storage.

The motor cover is additionally equipped with a carrying handle and a practical cable holder. Two stacking grooves ensure a safe stacking position during transport or storage.

Service-friendly construction
The Qube+ has an integrated service socket, which can be connected comfortably and time-savingly to a condenser or a drying control unit.

In addition, the Qube+ also accommodates a 50 mm threaded connection for process air removal. This allows for a reduction of critical heating of the room temperature to preserve the value of your drying equipment.

Flexible filter system
For all applications requiring HEPA filtration, the G4 cartridge sleeve can be replaced easily and quickly by the HEPA filter module with a combined F8 pre-filter sleeve.

Whether filter replacement or cleaning, the maintenance-friendly design of the Qube+ enables quick and safe working. Turbomotor, electrical connection and essential electrical components are completely housed in the engine cover, which can be removed quickly thanks to quick-release technology.

After the cover has been removed, the lower part of the Qube+ is completely current-free because there are no cable connections from the motor cover. This allows you to start cleaning immediately without further safety measures.

DA-4 interface
The Qube+ has an interface for data exchange with our DA 4 Qube drying unit as standard.

The connection of both units enables a networking of all device data including real-time remote monitoring of system status and drying progress.

Technical Details:


  • Max. Pressure (negative pressure): 220mbar
  • Air flow rate (free blowing): 250 m³/h
  • Engine power (depending on power stage): 0.2 – 1.2 kW
  • Sound level (distance 3 m, depending on power level): 48 – 59 dB (A)
  • Volume collecting container: 10 liters
  • Connection voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Weight: 27 kg



  • Length: 490 mm
  • Width: 500 mm
  • Height (without / with push handle): 735/925 mm


Whisper mode: Defined volume flow optimum including HEPA filter: 90 m³/h


  • Power Stage 1: suitable for surfaces up to (negative pressure): 10 m²
 Defined volume flow optimum including HEPA filter: 50 m³/h
  • Power Stage 2: suitable for areas up to (negative pressure): 25m²
 Defined volume flow optimum including HEPA filter: 90 m³/h
  • Power Stage 3: suitable for areas up to (negative pressure): 50m²
 Defined volume flow rate including HEPA filter: 140 m³/h
  • Power Stage 4: suitable for surfaces up to (negative pressure): 85m²
 Defined volume flow rate including HEPA filter: 160 m³/h
  • Power Stage Boost: Maximum volume flow including HEPA filter: approx. 180 m³/h


Included accessories and consumables:


  • Water separator – floor filter mat, 1 piece
  • G4 filter sleeve, 1 piece
  • F7-Z-Line filter for filtering the sucked-in air for motor cooling, 1 piece
  • 50 mm hose connection for process air removal, 1 piece
  • Water drain hose, length 5m, Ø 12mm


Our accessory tip: All-weather soundproof cover


  • Noise reduction of up to 5 dB (A) and additional modulation of high frequencies in low-noise areas
  • Easily washable and waterproof material
  • Ideal for continuous operation in residential environments
  • Ideally suited for outdoor installation, for example when drying flat roofs
  • Quick installation and accessibility thanks to double zip system
  • Supply and exhaust air openings ensure optimal cooling of the engine, free of heat build-up
  • Also for the use of the Qube+ with attached drying control unit DA 4 Qube
Weight25.2 kg
Dimensions49 × 50 × 73.5 cm