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Commercial Room air purifier TAC V+


Effective virus filter system – scientifically proven effectiveness

For this purpose, the air cleaner TAC V+ ensures a quick and highly effective reduction of virus-carrying aerosols from the room air and in this way effectively neutralizes the airborne infection risk, directly at the installation site.
The zone air purifier TAC V + is an innovative solution for establishing clean air zones that are low in viruses and pollutants, wherever they are needed – a power connection is sufficient. Wherever this mobile air cleaner is placed, it creates a “clean zone area” of up to 320 cubic meters in volume, flushed with clean, filtered clean air, depending on the required air exchange rate.

It’s effectiveness with regards to the neutralisation of airborne viruses in interior spaces has been fully confirmed in several scientific studies for the Tac V+! Please see our product downloads

The air cleaner TAC V+, combined with a large volumetric flow, quickly dilutes the virus-carrying aerosol accumulations with a high air volume and a high fan performance to a level that is no longer infectious, then filters out 99.995 % of disease-causing viruses from the room air with its HEPA H14 filter that is certified in compliance with EN 1822 and cyclically inactivates them by thermal decontamination of its heat-resistance special filter. In this way the high-performance air purifier TAC V+ effectively reduces the aerosol, viral and bacterial load in the room air.


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