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Solutions for outdoor event heating applications

Trotec E62C

The mobile heating classics: Oil heaters and oil heating centres

Because of the relatively low-priced fuel, oil heaters are an effective and economical choice for heating tents, lightweight building constructions, or disused industrial halls that are temporarily used for events. The mobile oil heaters are divided into devices with indirect and those with direct firing:

Oil heaters with indirect firing (with a flue pipe)
For heating closed tents, halls and event locations, Trotec exclusively recommends the use of indirect oil heaters with a flue pipe. In the case of these devices, the combustion waste gases are already discharged outside via a separate flue pipe at the oil heater and, via a hose system, only the clean warm air is led into the room to be heated.

Oil heaters with direct firing (without a flue pipe) are not suitable for rooms used by people
In the case of the so-called “Direct oil heaters” the waste gases are not discharged via a separate flue pipe and enter the room to be heated. Therefore these oil heaters are only suited for heating well-ventilated storage facilities not used by people, however, they are not suitable for events.

Basic functional principle of oil heaters
Oil heater fans draw in the cold ambient air, heat it in the interior of the device and blow the constantly warm air out again via a powerful fan. Since the heating devices are usually placed outdoors, the oil heaters come equipped with hose connections for the connection of air transport hoses. The heating energy is conducted to different areas of the tent interior via these flexible heat hoses.

Powerful oil heating centres for large-scale events
Larger dimensioned heating centres are provided with a heating power that is many times higher than that of conventional oil heating units – but they work according to the same heating principle. Therefore oil heating centres are often used for heating large-scale events and/or for the warm air supply of several tents, halls or rooms.

Good to know: The blown-out warm air of an indirect oil heater with a flue pipe is free from waste gases and odours, since the warm air is separated from the combustion chamber of the heater fan. The combustion waste gases stay outside, so to speak. An all-round clean affair!

Feel-good warmth brought to the point: Infrared radiant heaters

Whether you wish to heat the smoking area outside or make the waiting time in the entrance area of an event more agreeable when outside temperatures are cool: Infrared radiant heaters are the icing on the cake of an elaborate heating concept.

Infrared radiant heaters warm the body directly, following the natural principle of the sun, without warming the ambient air first, and they are 100 % free of harmful emissions. The feel-good warmth can be felt instantly on the skin – without a start-up time and without the loss of energy. Another advantage is the fact that no air circulation is produced during the heating process, so that no dust is raised. This is especially pleasant for allergy sufferers.

We supply you the right infrared radiant heater for every application

With their cosily warm orange light, the infrared radiant heaters of the IR-S and IRS-E-series provide perceptible powerful heat radiation. The powerful radiators imply a comfortable, warm feeling – alone by their light colour.

Then again, if the light colour and intensity of infrared radiators are not matching the prevailing lighting concept, the infrared radiant heaters of the IR series convince by their 80 percent light-reducing low-glare short wave technology. At the same heat output, the available room lighting is less affected by the reduced light radiation. In this way, for example, a cosy candlelight ambience is created.

The infrared radiant heater of the IRD series supply heat entirely without the development of light. Therefore these infrared radiant heaters are suitable for events at which only a small quantity, or in some section, no light at all is to be used. The subtle design of the infrared radiant heaters blends in unobtrusively with the environment, so that your guests will even ask themselves where the pleasant warmth is actually coming from.

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