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Submerged Waste Water Pump TWP 11025 E

Powerfully and reliably handles even large flow rates

The submerged waste water pump TWP 11025 E is a compact powerhouse, that practically overcome every task marvellously. With a power consumption of 1100 watts, this powerful pump transports up to 15,000 litres of contaminated water every hour.


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It pumps anything away – from 11 meters to 35 mm
The through and through robust submersible pump is housed in a waterproof encapsulated and impact-resistant plastic housing and suitable for underwater use up to 11 meters depth. Starting at a minimum working depth of 115 mm, the pump can start pumping the dirty water, after which the device pumps the residual water level to a suction height of 35 mm. In addition to the removal of water to operate a garden irrigation system, pumping out after flooding or other applications with contaminated water, the TWP 11025 E is also suitable for the transport of clear water.

The compactly designed TWP 11025 E is also well-equipped for lengthy operations, as the pump is equipped with both a maintenance-free motor and an integrated overheating thermal protection circuit. Likewise, the high-quality ceramic mechanical seal and a low-wear shaft ensure an extremely long service life.

Automatic or manual, the TWP 11025 E is always easy to handle
The TWP 11025 E offers a choice between automatic and manual continuous operation thanks to its infinitely lockable float switch. In the automatic mode, the preselected water level ensures that the device is switched on and off. In automatic mode, the dry-running protection automatically stops pumping if the water level is too low. If, on the other hand, the float switch is locked horizontally in the continuous operating position, the device operates in permanent mode.

The flexible angle adapter, which can be adjusted in various positions so that hoses and pipes can also run parallel to the ground, has universal connections for 25 mm and 32 mm inner diameter as well as 1 / 1½ and 1 ¼ threaded connections. A sturdy ergonomic carrying handle additionally facilitates the handling of the powerful submersible drainage pump and is also intended as a suspension of the device on the supplied nylon rope. Thanks to the 10-meter connecting cable, the pump can be quickly installed and lowered with the attachment rope even at great depths and brought back up when needed.

Brand quality plus price advantage
Reliable, powerful and suitable for the most difficult applications: these are the quality features of the Trotec submersible sewage pumps. Thanks to their power, they are even able to cope with extreme challenge. High performance for demanding applications, because Trotec stands for brand quality and professional solutions with an excellent price-performance ratio!

Benefits in practice:


  • Powerful 1100 watts of power for pumping up to 15,000 liters per hour
  • The maximum delivery height is 11 m
  • Ideal for water extraction and is suitable to pump out e.g. for swimming pools, basements, rain barrels, garden ponds, small construction pits, floods
  • For effortless pumping out of dirty and clean water with up to 25 mm dirt and suspended particles
  • Extremely durable due to ceramic mechanical seal
  • Maintenance-free motor with integrated thermal protection circuit in case of overheating
  • Automatic switching on and off thanks to the float switch depending on the water level
  • Dry running protection in automatic mode
  • Fixing possibility of the float switch for continuous operation
  • IPX8 protection marking – protected against ingress of water during immersion
  • Universal connection for flexible connection options
  • Large ergonomic carrying handle – suitable for fastening the drainage cable

Accessories included
The submersible pump TWP 11025 E is available as a complete set with adapter adapter, angle adapter, 12 m long nylon rope and 10 m long power cable. Hoses or pipes with 25/32 mm inner diameter and 1‘‘ / 1½‘‘ and 1​¼‘‘ threaded connections can be flexibly connected to the pump.

Weight5.7 kg
Dimensions22 × 16 × 35.5 cm


Technical details:

  • Output max.: 15.000 l/h
  • Granulation: 25 mm
  • Static head max.: 11 m
  • Immersion depth max.: 7 m
  • Minimum working depth: 115 mm
  • Switch-on point height: 600 mm
  • Switch-off point height: 180 mm
  • Water level suction height max.: 35 mm
  • Water temperature max.: 35 °C
  • Protection marking: IPX8
  • Protection grade: I
  • Supply voltage: 230 – 240V (50Hz)
  • Input: 1,1 kW
  • Connector plug: CEE 7/4 (Schuko Stecker Typ F)
  • Cable length: 10 m
  • Dimension (L x W X H):160 X 160 X 355 mm
  • Weight: 5,7 kg


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