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T210 Thermohygrometer

The T210 thermohygrometer from the MultiMeasure Professional series. With this thermohygrometer you can measure the air temperature (°C, °F) and the relative humidity.

As a quality measurement instrument “made in Germany”, the T210 convinces with digital accuracy in high-quality two-component construction.

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In addition to relative humidity, further climate parameters such as dew point or absolute water content of air (g/m³) and the specific air humidity (g/kg dry air) can be analysed with this instrument. The air temperature can be displayed in °C or in °F.

For an immediate evaluation of the measured data, minimum, maximum and average functions are available. In addition the current measured value can be retained by the hold function.

You can connect the T210 thermohygrometer to a PC with a USB cable. With the MultiMeasure Studio Software (free in the service / download section of the measured values of the T210 can be transfered online and in real time to the PC. In this way, the values are saved for later analysis or reports.

The T210 is a true hand-held measuring device: shape, dimensions and weight of the unit have been optimised ergonomically for professional use and all functions can be selected with only one hand. In this way, one hand always remains free while measurements are done..

A few practical benefits:

  • Measuring device designed and produced according to the highest quality standards in Germany
  • German industrial design in robust, premium two-component construction with IP54 type of protection
  • Continuous easy-to-clean glass surface made of highly scratch-resistant Blanview special glass for a high-contrast display of measured values even in the sunlight
  • Capacitive touchscreen control panel
  • High-resolution colour display for simultaneous indication of two measured values
  • Precise measurement of air temperature and humidity – site height or pressure can be configured
  • Integrated calibration function (user offset) enables long-term usage without quality losses in terms of measurement accuracy
  • Measured value storage via USB with active software connection
  • Incl. MultiMeasure Studio measurement data management software (standard download version)
Weight0.27 kg
Dimensions20.2 × 6.3 × 3.5 cm


Technical data:

  • Air temperature measuring range: -20°C … +50°C
  • Air humidity measuring range: 5…95 % RH
  • Air temperature resolution: 0.1 °C
  • Air humidity resolution: 0.1 % RH
  • Air temperature accuracy: ± 0.2°C (0 to 40°C) otherwise ± 0.4°C
  • Air humidity accuracy: ± 2% RH


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