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TAC V+ and sound insulation hood

Room air purifier TAC V+ in White/black + sound insulation hood

High-frequency zone air purifier for the efficient reduction of suspended matter and aerosol clouds in the direct installation environment



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100 % TAC V+ on the outside, modified to meet your requirements on the inside: model variants TAC M and TAC ECO

The zone air purifier TAC V + reduces the dwell time and intensity of aerosol and suspended matter clouds directly at the installation site

The zone air purifier TAC V + is an innovative solution for establishing clean air zones that are low in viruses and pollutants, wherever they are needed – a power connection is sufficient. Wherever this mobile air cleaner is placed, it creates a “clean zone area” of up to 320 cubic meters in volume, flushed with clean, filtered clean air, depending on the required air exchange rate.

In this treatment zone, the ambient air remains largely free of germs, fine dust or other airborne microparticles, because the TAC V + enables the large-volume intake of contaminated room air with effective H14 HEPA filtering and a flexibly adjustable flushing of the zone, free of aerosol particles.

The model variants TAC M and TAC ECO are the perfect blend of the scientifically confirmed effective H14 HEPA virus filtration of the TAC V+ and your individual economic requirements, without having to forego any basic equipment features of the high-performance air purifier TAC V+.

The criteria for an effective virus air cleaner required by science are:

  • The device must have a sufficiently large volumetric flow. at least six times the room volume per hour
  • The device must be technically capable of removing 99.995 % of the viruses in the course of one air cycle, as can be ensured by an H14 HEPA filter complying with EN 1822
  • The device must be quiet so that it does not disturb people inside the room, otherwise there is a risk of the device being switched off by the user

All these criteria are fully met not only by the TAC V+, but also by the TAC M and TAC ECO. This is why the air cleaners TAC M and TAC ECO are our best recommendation if you want to do without the full equipment of the TAC V+, but not without effective H14 HEPA virus filtration from Trotec “made in Germany”.


Since the high-performance air purifiers TAC M and TAC ECO do not have a function for thermal decontamination and filter regeneration, they can also be used in areas which, due to electrical protection, only permit automated thermal decontamination to a limited extent. Consequently, the devices come without the added value of thermal room decontamination – maximum hygiene and safety –, which is offered by the TAC V+ through cyclic heat inactivation and thermal filter self-cleaning for longer filter lifetimes.


TAC M – TAC V+-like virus-filtered clean air

Being equipped with a programmable touch display incl. USB update function just like the TAC V+, the TAC M offers you convenient configuration options. Furthermore, you also benefit from the integrated FlowMatic control for a constant air volume flow at any power level with the TAC M. On request, the TAC M can be ordered in all colours available for the TAC V+.


TAC ECO – virus-filtered clean air, manually adjusted

The TAC ECO is the perfect reduction of the TAC V+ to its essential virus filter qualities with an H14 HEPA filter standard according to EN 1822. Once manually configured, the TAC ECO, too, will automatically make you benefit from virus-filtered clean air in your rooms. The TAC ECO is only available in light grey.

Weight89 kg
Dimensions69 × 61 × 130 cm

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