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TEH 100 Electric Heater

The TEH 100 Electric Heater boasts a powerful heating capability, capable of quickly and effectively warming up any room in your home. With its high-performance heating elements, this heater can provide instant warmth, allowing you to create a cozy ambiance within minutes.

TEH Electric Heaters are specifically designed to provide reliable and effective heating in non-ventilated rooms. With their unique technology, these heaters create a flow of condensation-free heating air, making them the perfect choice for spaces where traditional ventilation is limited or not possible. Whether it’s a basement, storage area, or any other enclosed space, the TEH 100 guarantees warmth and comfort without the need for additional ventilation.

TEH Electric Heaters offer an exceptional solution for accelerating the construction drying process. When used in conjunction with dehumidifiers, these heaters can significantly reduce the time required for drying newly constructed or renovated spaces. The condensation-free warmth generated by TEH Electric Heaters ensures efficient moisture evaporation, allowing for faster completion of projects and minimising delays.

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Condensation-Free Warmth for Non-Ventilated Rooms

One of the standout features of the TEH 100 electric heater is its ability to provide condensation-free warmth, even in non-ventilated rooms.

  1. No Oxygen Used: The TEH 100 electric heater operates without using oxygen in the heating process. As a result, it doesn’t deplete the oxygen levels in the room or produce any byproducts that could lead to condensation. This makes it an ideal choice for non-ventilated rooms where fresh air circulation is limited.
  2. Efficient Heating: The condensation-free heating air produced by the TEH 100 electric heater ensures that moisture doesn’t accumulate on surfaces, preventing the formation of condensation. This helps maintain a dry environment, reducing the risk of mold growth and other moisture-related issues.
  3. Safe and Reliable: The TEH 100 electric heater prioritizes safety by eliminating the need for inlet or outlet openings. Since it doesn’t use oxygen, there is no risk of oxygen depletion or carbon monoxide emissions. This provides peace of mind when using the heater in non-ventilated spaces.


The robust step switches of the TEH 100 makes it possible to choose the right heating capacity for your needs. Step one activates the fan, while steps two to four each raise the heating capacity, up to the maximum.

Here, an overview of the practical benefits of the TEH 100:

  • Particularly durable steel sheet ­con­struction with resistant protective coating
  • Flow-optimised chassis for a focussed current of non-turbulent warm air
  • Practical stacking groove for stable, space-saving storage and transport
  • Minimised outer sleeve heating with double-walled housing model
  • Very easy to maintain design
  • Robust Trotec ergonomic recessed handles with an inner Grip-Clip, for the best hold while carrying
  • Tried and tested German industrial design – protected prototype
  • Stackable with equally dimensioned models
Weight29.5 kg
Dimensions46.5 × 42.5 × 55.5 cm


Robust TEH 100 electric heater – Some technical details:

  • Heat output in kW: 9 – 13.5 – 18
  • Heat output in kcal: max. 15,400
  • Amount of air: 1,785 m³/h
  • Temperature increase ΔT: 38 °C
  • Power consumption: 27.3 A
  • Power socket: 32 A / CEE plug
  • Supply voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Thermostat: Accessory
  • Mobility: Wheels
  • Sound level: 73 dB (A) 1 Meter
  • Length x width x height: 465 x 425 x 555 mm
  • Weight: 29.5 kg
  • Hose connection: 300 mm

Please note that this heater operates with a 5-pole plug.


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