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TFH 2000 E Fan Heater

The 2-in-1 fan heater TFH 2000 E showcases itself with beautiful design, innovation and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The all-rounder combines two devices to create a pleasant feel-good climate in its modern design housing: a powerful room heater and a low-noise fan. Up until now you needed two separate devices in order to avoid sweating in summer and to enjoy cuddly warm evenings at home in winter. With the TFH 2000 E multifunctional 2-in-1 device you will save not only money and space – you additionally benefit from maximum comfort.


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For every season: full room heater in winter, fan in summer

The turbospin technology of the up to 2,000 watts of powerful heater with its two heating levels (1,200 W /2,000 W) ensures pleasant warmth as well as a fast and even heat distribution on cold days in winter or in the transitional period, when it is not warm enough in your own home, office or cottage. What conventional electric heaters can not do is common practice for the TFH 2000 E: the creation of a uniform room temperature, without temperature fluctuations and cool spots.

In addition to this energy-saving heating technology, the compact fan heater also has a turbine-strong ventilation mode with two manually selectable cold stages, so that you always keep a cool head well-dosed even on hot summer days. The pleasant air flow of the TFH 2000 E cools noticeably fresher and, with its strong air volume of up to 277 m³ / h, circulates more than twice as much room air as a conventional fan with the same output without turbo spin technology.


Do you know the problem? In apartments with high ceilings, draughty spaces or open spaces, the warm heating air does not reach every corner of the room, leaving unpleasant cold spots. At the same time, the permanently installed heating system is running at full speed, the room thermostat shows a cozy, 23 ° C room temperature and yet your feet are still freezing. Responsible for these temperature fluctuations in the room is insufficient air circulation. The warm heating air does not even reach the floor. The heat rises up to the ceiling, where it cools down, and as the distance to the radiator increases, so does the room temperature. A space-filling distribution of warm air does not take place.

We have the solution! The TFH 2000 E generates an evenly air circulation with its turbo spin technology throughout the room. The room air is inducted directionally, expanded by specially shaped axial blades in the forward spiral and compressed via flow-optimized grid guide as a spiral emerging air flow. Compared to conventional fan heaters, the turbo-spin principle ensures a noticeably higher air throughput with gentle air flow and high consistency. The directionally exiting air flow is then reflected on the wall or ceiling such that a closed air circuit to the device takes place, which ensures the circulation of the entire room air and a pleasant, evenly tempered room climate.

Energy saving tips: Cold feet or noticeably cooler spots in the room usually do not result from too low a set heating. Already unfavorably placed furniture or seating groups can lead to the fact that the warm air is not distributed optimally in the room. Therefore an increase in room temperature rarely leads to the desired goal – but at a significantly higher energy costs! The ventilation mode of the TFH 2000 E can noticeably increase the efficiency of permanently installed heaters or air conditioning systems. The heated or cooled air is quickly and completely distributed in the room without having to reheat or cool it.


Heating in winter: The turbo spin technology of the TFH 2000 E ensures fast and even room heating on cold days. Two-storey duplex apartments, which need to be heated more in winter due to their larger surfaces and stairs, benefit in particular from the warm air circulation at all levels. The combination device TFH 2000 E can be used both as a supplementary heater with heating function and as a fan, for example to distribute the comforting warmth of a fireplace in the room.

Cooling in sommer: In the sweltering summer, the two-stage fan of the TFH 2000 E with its two cold stages provides a pleasant cooling. The fresh breeze is noticeable everywhere in the room. Tips: place the TFH 2000 E in the bedroom in front of the open window and blow the heat of the day out of the room at lightning speed in the evening. The fresh air in all room zones ensures a restful sleep. The TFH 2000 E is also ideal for supporting air conditioning. The fan distributes the cooled air over a large area in the room and thus increases the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

Fresh air in autumn and winter: In the dry heating season, the apartment should be well ventilated at least once a day. Fresh air contributes to more well-being and protects against colds. Blow the stale and dry heating air out of the window in an instant.


The fan heater TFH 2000 E captivates with its clear aesthetics and a design that is modeled on the shape of a high-performance turbine. Of course, the functional design also convinces in practical use.

Portable warmth – Feel good temperature to-go

The extremely compact interior fan heater TFH 2000 E can be used wherever a socket is located. Its compact dimensions require only a small surface. Whether placed on the floor, on the table or in the middle of the room – the TFH 2000 E is an eye-catcher, setting visual accents. With the transport handle at the back of the device. With only 2000 g, the device can be moved up and down in no time at all. Wherever you need well-being temperatures or a refreshing breeze, just take it with you. In the office, in the bedroom, in the living room, in the workshop, etc..

Certified safety for the whole family

Especially toddlers like to grasp things by touching. In addition dogs or cats like to stick their noses into new things while looking for games and adventures. So it’s good to know that the sturdy plastic housing of the TFH 2000 E does not heat up even in the highest heat setting. The overheating protection of the TFH 2000 E guarantees additional safety. If the device is too hot or knocked over, the anti-tipper switches off the heater. The follow-up operation of the fan also blows the remaining heat accumulation from the inside of the unit. Better safe than sorry!


Thanks to its turbo spin technology the TFH 2000 E cools and heats up quietly. Thus, the TFH 2000 E is recommended even for noise-sensitive use in the bedroom and also at work. The TFH 2000 E supplies heat or cooling as needed – without attracting attention.

Adjustable target temperature with energy saving function

Enjoy optimally regulated room temperatures with the thermostat-controlled automatic operation of the fan heater and take care of the important things in life. The individual temperature preselection can be made in 4-degree increments from 18 ° C to 30 ° C via the control panel. Once set, the electric heater as your personal temperature manager takes over the temperature control. When the desired target temperature is reached, the heater will switch off until reheating is required. This is not only convenient, it also noticeably reduces energy consumption and protects your wallet.

Simple operation with memory function

All functions and settings are conveniently made via the integrated LED display. Practical: After switching off, the device remembers the last set operating mode and temperature and automatically restarts with the previous settings when switching it on again.

Benefits in practice:

  • 2-in-1 combo device: Fan heater and fan
  • Up to 2.000 watts of heating power for fast and comfortable warmth
  • Optimal heat circulation through turbo spin technology
  • Wide distribution of warm air
  • Flexible use in summer and winter months
  • 2 heating stages (1.200 W/2.000 W)
  • 2 cooling stages – fan function
  • Temperature control from 18°C to 30°C
  • Automatic shutdown when the set temperature is reached
  • Overheating protection and integrated tilting switch at the bottom of the device
  • Particularly quiet
  • LED display
  • Safety stand
Weight2 kg
Dimensions18.5 × 25.5 × 25 cm


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