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TTK 165 ECO Dehumidifier

All TTK-ECO dehumidifiers, including the TTK 165 ECO, feature a solid steel casing that can withstand the harsh conditions often encountered on construction sites. This robust construction ensures durability and longevity, making the dehumidifier suitable for demanding environments where durability is paramount.

The TTK 165 ECO is designed for easy transportation even in challenging situations. Equipped with a handlebar and large transport rollers, this dehumidifier can effortlessly overcome difficult terrain sections or stairs. The enhanced maneuverability allows for convenient positioning of the dehumidifier wherever it is needed most, ensuring optimal moisture control.

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When it comes to dehumidifiers for construction sites, TTK-ECO stands out from the competition. With its exceptional durability, portability, and easy maintenance, the TTK-ECO series offers a reliable solution for combating excessive moisture.


One of the standout features of TTK-ECO dehumidifiers is their solid steel casing, designed to withstand the rigours of construction site environments. The sturdy construction ensures that the dehumidifiers can endure challenging conditions and continue to deliver optimal performance. Whether it’s dust, debris, or other potential hazards, the TTK-ECO dehumidifiers provide reliable protection for their internal components, ensuring long-lasting durability.


Transporting dehumidifiers across construction sites can often be a daunting task due to uneven terrain or stairs. However, the TTK-165-ECO model simplifies this process with its practical design. Equipped with a handlebar and large transport rollers, it effortlessly overcomes difficult terrain sections or stairs. This feature enables construction professionals to easily move the dehumidifier wherever it’s needed without unnecessary hassle or strain.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of any dehumidifiers performance, and TTK-ECO dehumidifiers make it a breeze for users. The washable air filter, which plays a vital role in ensuring clean and efficient operation, is easily accessible and quickly cleaned. Users can conveniently remove the filter, wash it, and reinsert it, ensuring that the dehumidifier operates at its best without any major downtime.

Convenient Cable Storage

Keeping the workspace organised and free from tripping hazards is essential in construction sites. The TTK-165-ECO goes the extra mile by offering a convenient feature at its rear – a secure storage option for the power cable. With this innovative design element, users can neatly stow away the power cable, reducing the risk of accidents and maintaining a clutter-free environment. This thoughtful addition emphasises the TTK-ECO’s commitment to both functionality and safety.

Practical advantages of the TTK 165 ECO at a glance:

  • Connection of a condensate drain for permanent dehumidification
  • Easily accessible air filter
  • Highly mobile because of transport rollers and handle rod
  • Particularly economical solution for typical dehumidification applications in the commercial sector
  • High dehumidifying performance even at low temperatures
  • Robust steel casing
  • Can be transported in any position, due to a rolling piston compressor

Here are some technical details of the TTK 165 ECO at a glance:

  • Dehumidification performance max./24h: 52 liters
  • Suitable for room sizes of up to: 90 m² / 230 m³
  • Operating range temperature: 5° – 32°C
  • Operating range humidity: 30 to 90% RH.
  • Maximum airflow: 350 m³ / h
  • Automatic defrost: Hot gas
  • Input voltage: 230V (50Hz)
  • Power consumption max.: 0.9 kW
  • Water tank: 5 liters
  • Sound level dB (A) (distance 1 m): 56
  • Length: 495 mm
  • Width: 455 mm
  • Height: 900 mm
  • Weight: 30 kg


General information
Article number1.120.001.115
Dehumidification performance
At 20 °C / 60 % RH [l/24h]20
At 30 °C / 80 % RH [l/24h]50
Max. [l/24h]52
Air flow rate
Level Max. [m³/h]350
Recommended room size dry keeping
Ambient conditions
Min. temperature range [°C]5
Max. temperature range [°C]32
Min. humidity range [% RH]30
Max. humidity range [% RH]90
Electrical values
Mains connection230 V, 50 Hz
Nominal current consumption [A]3.7
Power input [kW]0.82
Recommended fusing [A]10
Required current starting phase [A]25
Electric connection
Connection plugCEE 7/7
Rotary piston compressorStandard
Reciprocating piston compressorNot Available
Amount of refrigerant [g]230
Minimum room size [m²]11
GWP factor3
CO2 equivalent0.00069
Pressure suction side [MPa]1
Pressure outlet side [MPa]2.5
Max. permissible pressure [Mpa]2.5
Water tank
Contents in [Litres]5
Sound values
Level 1 – Distance 1 m [dB(A)]56
Functions and features
Laundry drying functionNot Available
Selectable ionisationNot Available
Child lockNot Available
Night modeNot Available
Length (packaging excluded) [mm]495
Width (packaging excluded) [mm]455
Height (packaging excluded) [mm]900
(packaging excluded) [kg]31