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Air cooler PAE 25

Elegant design combined with efficient technology

The air cooler PAE 25 is a doubly cool climate miracle. It cools room down to pleasant temperatures and in opposition to the conventional air conditioners there is no need to use the chemical coolant, no problem with finding enough place, and no complicated installations are required. This air cooler requires no exhaust hose, which in mobile air conditioning systems must be mounted on doors or windows.

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The air cooler PAE 25 simply uses the cold evaporation of ice or cold water in order to cool down inflowing warm air and then to blow out via fan now cold air. As immediate refreshment the air cooler adjust the temperature in medium-sized rooms for a pleasant and also energy-efficient climate- because at air flow of 320 m³/h the power consumption is only 65 watts. Thus the operating costs are extremely low in this device.

In addition to its cooling function, the Air cooler can be also used as a air freshener: thanks to the integrated air filter and honeycomb structure of the evaporation filter the sucked air is first filtered, then moistened and finally cooled supplied to the room.

The PAE 25 is also a ventilator, which moistens and purifies the air. Four fan speeds provide more options for an ideal feel-good climate. The adjustable blow-out and optionally switchable automatic swivel movement in Swing-Mode enable even better distribution of cold air. In addition the quiet mode allows operation of the Air cooler also during bedtime. These functions can be set by a remote control or on the device itself.

With its four bottom rollers and the practical integral design of the handle, the compact Air cooler PAE 25 can be easily transported and can be used in almost all interiors- just exactly where a cool breeze is needed.

The large water tank with a capacity of 6 litres ensures long cooling and dehumidifying time. During operation, the device requires little attention, since the hourly water consumption with almost 1 litre is so low that the water- for example in everyday office life- must be filled only once a day.

Our Tip:

Fill the evaporative air coolers with cold water. For an extra cool breeze put the ice packs (included in the scope of delivery) or ice cubes in water!

Practical benefits:

  • Refreshes and cools the air with practical ventilation function
  • Efficient cold evaporation with Honeycomb technology
  • Climate friendly operation thanks to water evaporation
  • Possibility to operate with ice packs or ice cubes to increase the cooling capacity
  • Improving the indoor climate
  • Adjustable discharge direction and automatically swivelling ribs
  • Timer function
  • No problem with placing
  • LED-Display
  • Energy-efficient
  • Quiet operation


Weight7 kg
Dimensions33 × 31 × 74 cm


Technical data in overview:

  • Suitable for rooms up to. 24 m² / 60 m³
  • Evaporation capacity max. 0,9 l/h
  • Air output: 320 m³/h
  • AIr speed: 12,9 m/s
  • Coolant: Wasser
  • Water tank: 4,5 l
  • Mains connection: 230 V/ 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 65 W
  • Sound level (distance 1 m): 52 dB(A)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 330 x 310 x 740 mm
  • Weight: 7,08 kg
  • other functions and equipment features: air cooling function, air freshener function, ventilation function, automatic operation, LED-Display, water level indicator, warning when water tank is empty, adjustable discharge connection, Swing-Function, IR-remote control, shutdown with full water tank, evaporative cooling with honeycomb technology, possible operation with ice packs, night mode


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