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Design-standing radiant heater IRS 2520

Design-standing radiant heater IRS 2520

The elegant heating solution: Flexible halogen infrared spotlight made of aluminium and stainless steel for patios, balconies and restaurants


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Go with the summer in style

Even the longest summer comes to an end at some point. So that you can also use your balcony or covered terrace at home in the transitional periods or even all year round, the aesthetic design independent radiant heater IRS 2520 made of high-quality aluminium and stainless steel is recommended as a flexible heat source. And for cosy barbecues or garden parties, the slim infrared radiator is the practical and visually particularly attractive heating solution. Likewise, the robust and splash-proof halogen heater in catering establishments enables a noticeable increase in the number of outdoor customers. Even when the sun is not shining and especially at times when many guests prefer the seats of outdoor catering establishments.

The stylish design of the high-quality radiant heater fits perfectly into any ambience. The mushroom-shaped reflector and the base are made of matt shimmering aluminium.

Two-stage all-round feel-good warmth at the touch of a button

Compared to gas-powered radiant heaters, the pleasingly light and energy-saving infrared radiant heater offers you two powerful heating levels (1,250 W / 2,500 W). The integrated powerful halogen infrared tubes provide even all-round heat in all directions without preheating time. Immediately noticeable on the skin, without first warming the ambient air and completely without annoying odours or noise. Optimal conditions for spending starry nights outdoors all year round at pleasant temperatures and prolonging the summer feeling.

Sitting outside longer in the evening

The high-quality halogen infrared tubes of the IRS 2520 generate heat according to the natural principle of solar radiation. This is particularly energy-efficient, as a large part of the energy used is converted directly into heat. It is not the ambient air that is heated, but rather the objects and people in the direct vicinity of the infrared heater that absorb the radiant heat, store it and also release it back into the environment as secondary radiation.

The heat is distributed noiselessly and without dust being whirled up by a fan, allowing asthmatics and allergy sufferers to breathe in and out freely in the direct vicinity of the radiant heater – for long, cosy and carefree evenings outdoors!

Safety first: with toggle switch and protective grid

Sometimes things get particularly turbulent in the company of boisterous guests, pets or romping children. If the parking heater, despite its stable aluminium base, should ever start to sway, the integrated toggle switch immediately cuts off the power supply to the heating element.

The radiant heater is protected against splash water and the ingress of foreign bodies in accordance with protection class IP34. For additional safety, the heating tube is equipped with a protective grid to prevent accidental contact. So you always have the good feeling that everything is completely safe.

Advantages for the practice:

Infrared heat without preheating
High-quality halogen infrared tubes
Uniform all-round warmth
2 heating levels: 1,250 W / 2,500 W
Splash-proof (protection class IP34) for covered outdoor areas
Protective grid against touching the heating tube
Elegant design: reflector and stand made of aluminium
Toggle switch integrated in the device
Clean, condensation-free, odourless and noiseless
No raising of dust, therefore suitable for allergy sufferers
Energy efficiency

Weight11.5 kg
Dimensions59 × 59 × 188 cm


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