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TEH 70 Electric Heater

This pro electric heater was designed especially for the tough requirements of construction sites as well as industry and agriculture.. However, due to the condensation-free warmth generated, it is also perfectly suited for heating in non-ventilated rooms.

The stackable TEH electric heaters are pro devices and are especially designed for the hardest material and performance requirements with a range of ­various applications – perfect for industrial use or construction machine rentals.

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For use indoors, no inlet or outlet openings are needed, because no oxygen is used in the heating process of the TEH series. Thus, the condensation-free heating air from the TEH electric heaters are ­perfect for heating non-ventilated rooms – or for accelerating the speed of construction drying when used ­together with a condenser dryer.

The robust step switches of the TEH 70 makes it possible to choose the right heating capacity for your needs. Step one activates the fan, while steps two to four each raise the heating capacity, up to the maximum.

Here, an overview of the practical benefits of the TEH 70:

  • Particularly durable steel sheet ­con­struction with resistant protective coating
  • Flow-optimised chassis for a focussed current of non-turbulent warm air
  • Practical stacking groove for stable, space-saving storage and transport
  • Minimised outer sleeve heating with double-walled housing model
  • Very easy to maintain design
  • Robust Trotec ergonomic recessed handles with an inner Grip-Clip, for the best hold while carrying
  • Tried and tested German industrial design – protected prototype
  • Stackable with equally dimensioned models
Weight29.5 kg
Dimensions46.5 × 42.5 × 55.5 cm


Robust TEH 70 electric heater – Some technical details:

  • Heat output in kW: 6 – 9 – 12
  • Heat output in kcal: max. 10,300
  • Amount of air: 1258 m³/h
  • Temperature increase ΔT: 35 °C
  • Power consumption: 18.2 A
  • Power socket: 32 A / CEE plug
  • Supply voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Thermostat: Accessory
  • Mobility: Wheels
  • Sound level: 72 dB (A) 1 Meter
  • Length x width x height: 465 x 425 x 555 mm
  • Weight: 29,5 kg
  • Hose connection: 300 mm


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