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TTK 26 E Dehumidifier

Thanks to its compact design, the TTK 26 E can always be fit in the smallest of rooms, where it can do its work. It reliably keeps heated residential or office spaces of up to 15 m² dry.

The TTK 26 E is also perfectly suited to assist in the drying of laundry or as a full replacement for a conventional dryer, the SuperDry function is comparable to traditional outdoor air drying.

The perfect well-rounded drying solution with an appealing design features; unattended operation, Easy to clean, Comfortable cable rewind, and a very lightweight device in its performance class.

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Well-rounded drying solution with an appealing design

Compact and efficient, the TTK 26 E dehumidifier is a user-friendly solution for smaller rooms up to 15 m². With a dehumidifying capacity of up to 10 liters, this unit effortlessly keeps spaces dry. Enjoy the convenience of electronic automatic defrosting, a full-tank level warning light, and overfill protection with automatic switch-off for unattended operation.

For spaces where manual tank emptying is challenging, the TTK 26 E offers flexibility. Its integrated connection allows condensate to be directed via a hose into a drain. The dehumidifier also features a washable air filter, along with a practical carrying handle for easy relocation. Simply connect to the mains, switch on, and let the TTK 26 E efficiently maintain a dry environment in smaller rooms.

Benefits for practice:

  • Continuous mode
  • Automatic switch-off for unattended operation
  • Easy to access and clean air filter
  • Level warning light for full water tank
  • Overfill protection
  • Automatic air defrosting
  • Connection for external condensate drain
Weight11 kg
Dimensions23.7 × 30 × 41 cm


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