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Ozone Generator Airozon® 14 ECO

The Airozon® 14 ECO is very easy to use and offers many advantages, especially compared to conventional cleaning methods:

  • Automated treatment deployment without staff retention
  • Very time-saving procedure
  • Also suitable for unscheduled rapid deployments
  • Works even in hard-to-reach places that are often not reached with mechanical processes
  • Can be used practically at any desired location – a socket is sufficient
  • Residue-free disinfection and odour removal without chemicals
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Ozone disinfector Airozon® 14 ECO

The economical solution for local oxidative odour neutralisation and disinfection of surfaces and indoor air

Whether hotels and room rentals, property management companies, transport companies, bus and taxi companies, car dealers, car rentals or boat rentals – an ozone generator such as the Airozon® 14 ECO from Trotec should be an integral part of all of these companies in the company’s own cleaning machine park.

With two-stage adjustable ozone output and timer function for a treatment pre-selection between 0 and 120 minutes, the Airozon® 14 ECO, for example, effectively neutralises odours in rooms or vehicles and disinfects the interior air and surfaces. Overnight guests and passengers alike will surely appreciate this hygiene service with its odour-free fresh air effect.

In addition to the effective removal of unpleasant smells in textiles, upholstery, covers, curtains or wallpapers, e.g. waste smells, body odours, smoke smells, smells of domestic and farm animals or urine, ozone treatment with the Airozon® 14 ECO also enables the elimination of microorganisms such as bacteria, Mould spores or viruses on surfaces and in the air.

Weight3.75 kg
Dimensions27.8 × 16.6 × 22.5 cm


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