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Product Code: 1510004025

TTW 35000 S Barrel Fan


Estimated delivery on 3 - 23 August, 2021

The TTW 35000 S barrel fan with a maximal air flow rate of 32,400 m³/h and max number of rotor revs of 850 min⁻¹.

For all ventilation tasks in production environments, agriculture or storage areas, where you need high air exchange rates with investment expenditure the TTW 35000 S is the ideal choice.

With its 2 stage fan which is switchable to 32,400 m³/h air flow rate you can reach the required air exchange rates in larger rooms or halls.


Practical advantages:

  • A cost-saving option for semi-professional ventilation applications
  • Air circulation capacity to 32,400 m³/h
  • Plug-in devices easy to handle
  • Adjustable inclination angle of the flow direction from horizontal to vertical position
  • Flexible change of location by means of carriage construction


Estimated delivery on 3 - 23 August, 2021
TTW 35000 S Barrel Fan

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