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Product Code: 1510004025

TTW 35000 S Barrel Fan

The TTW 35000 S barrel fan with a maximal air flow rate of 32,400 m³/h and max number of rotor revs of 850 min⁻¹.

For all ventilation tasks in production environments, agriculture or storage areas, where you need high air exchange rates with investment expenditure the TTW 35000 S is the ideal choice.

With its 2 stage fan which is switchable to 32,400 m³/h air flow rate you can reach the required air exchange rates in larger rooms or halls.

The galvanized steel case with chassis is transportable and has an inclinable drum for variably aligned up to a vertical flow position. In this manner the air current can be directed specifically at high wall or ceiling sections. So the TTW 35000 S is a flexible usable solution at theatrical ventilation on stage, at movie and photo sets.

Practical advantages:

  • A cost-saving option for semi-professional ventilation applications
  • Air circulation capacity to 32,400 m³/h free blowing
  • Plug-in devices easy to handle
  • Adjustable inclination angle of the flow direction from horizontal to vertical position
  • Flexible change of location by means of carriage construction
  • Number of rotor revs max.: 850 min⁻¹
  • Discharge distance : 10m


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